Tanktics Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Game loading
Game title
Game start - ABC(3) tanks vs A-F(6) computer tanks
Exceeded move points for my tank A
My tank A discovers the computer tank formation
My tank B looks and can see computer A & E tank
My B tank destroys computer tank *A*
My B tank is in a shell crater depression an somewhat hidden. The round missed computer D tank
My A tank destroys computer *E* tank
The computer F tank destroys my *A* tank
My B tank still somewhat hidden destroys computer *D* tank
My C tank does a (L)ook but can't see the target
My B tank again hidden destroys computer *F* tank
Another shot from my B tank takes out computer *B* tank
My tank C now rotated destroys computer *C* tank
Game over... I win +24!

Atari 8-bit version

Game setup
Just poke blindly at the controls until they let you go
Must destroy mankind!

Commodore PET/CBM version

Scenario selection and number of tanks / type
Game start - I have 2 tanks vs. computer 4 tanks
My A & B tanks (left) can see 2 of the computer tanks
My B tank fires and missed
My A tank fires and destroys the computer B tank it is out of action *B*
Doing an L command validates my tank B can see computer tank A 'B SEES A'
My B tank destroys the computers A tank shown as *A*
Just sighted computer C tank but the shot missed
Another missed shot and my B tank is out of movement points for this turn shown by (B)
Computer C tank returns fire and destroys my A tank!
My A tank is gone *A* an my B tank return fire missed
My B tank is out of move points (B) again
Computer D tank destroys my B tank which ends the scenario. The computer wins this round.

TRS-80 version

Title and setting up a new game
The gameplay screen