The Tapestry: Prologue - The First Stitch Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen and Main Menu (v2.0)
Place description in introduction (v2.0)
Greyson's office (v2.0)
Order from The Elder Gods (v2.0)
On the town square (v2.0)
Talking to bartender in Scid's bar (v2.0)
Asking the alley bum (v2.0)
In the house of Davy Jones. Magical seal prevents to go upstairs. (v2.0)
Visiting the Yahtzeebrand store (v2.0)
Meeting Simon Jones, a little brother of Davy Jones (v2.0)
Interrogating Davy Jones (v2.0)
Near the Cemetery's entrance (v2.0)
Ready to repair the tear with a stitch (v2.0)
Outro (v2.0)
To be continued in chapter 1 (v2.0)