Tasty Planet Screenshots

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Windows version

Title Screen
After you complete certain requirements, some cheats become available
Meet the scientists who unleashed the gray goo on the unsuspecting planet
This is the level selection screen. The Casual mode has a similar screen, but you don't get bronze, silver, or gold "medals" based on your time
You start out really small and eat dirt particles to get bigger
As you get larger, legos and mice seem a tasty treat
The ocean can be a dangerous place and these hammerhead sharks will kill you if you're not large enough to eat them
Your color changes temporarily based on what you eat (I'm green after eating a tank)
Eventually, you get really large and it will be time to move on to the next level
Tired of the ground? The sky has more to eat!
Clouds, kites, and birds! Oh, my!
After each level, you can see what you ate
The gallery shows the number of each item that you've eaten throughout the game
Some levels are kind of like bonus levels. This one just has to trying to get 4 puzzle pieces as quickly as possible
This is where you can choose what location to play in endurance mode
Endurance mode is just like the other modes, but it takes a lot longer to complete and it's more difficult