Techno Cop Screenshots

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Amiga version

Developer's logo
"Technocop" Title
The Driving Part
Spinning out of control
Crump Jr. Complex
Failed to apprehend the criminal in a reasonable amount of time
Dan Butch
Your injury caused the criminal to escape
Doogies Bonzie Palace
"Cold day isn't it, sir?"
Dave Lowe
"Yeow. Stupid rat stepped on me"
Rob Kroll
Apartment Complex
Bill Brune
Multiplex 11
"Oh, you little brat. Wait 'til you mummy finds out what you've done"
Mike Metak
Condemed Building
Kevin Zak
Quarterly Building
Bob Devio
Dom John
Complex Complex
Charles Prisley
Cam Davie
DOA Headquarters
King Pin
Name Entry

Amstrad CPC version

The driving part
Cars coming your way
Blew one of them up
Crashed into a tree
Remember, cadets, 232 is the code for the crime in progress
The target you must apprehend
The action part
Entering an elevator
Bums in the hallway
Say hello to Rob Krull
You are not doing your job properly
Got a new promotion
Awarded more nukes

Apple II version

The Beginning with credits of the original version
The Title screen with an impostor cop and conversion credits scrolling over him
Starting out with a driving scene. There is time limit!
This level looks, sounds, and feels like the Apple II port of Test Drive!
Still good for the old 8-bit Apple II, I guess
I bumped into somebody's vehicle, which almost looks like a monster truck
I am shooting with my car
Elevation and trees and sluggish framerate
Those roadsigns also look like they are from Test Drive... Hey wait, I am driving a pink police car!
Arriving to the sidescroller-platformer level... What, the protagonist looks like Steeve Keene from Accolade Comics?
A local citizen is greeting me at my arrival
The local heating system and some chunky, but acceptable scrolling
FIGHT! I took damage, but I managed to arrest the suspect with my net-gun!
There are some digitized sound effects when I jump... or more like sommersault, but I do not do it here, because I forgot...
I killed him, but the lady in the background just does not care. Why would she, there are a lot of blokes who look the same!

Atari ST version

The title screen
On the road
The player arrives to the first site
Enemies ahead
The bad guy got away

Commodore 64 version

"Technocop" Title
The Driving Part
Warning saying that car may collide
Shot a car down
Car spinning out of control
Assault in progress
Arrest Mac Tyson
Pulled over, and pursuing Tyson

DOS version

Start menu
Title screen (EGA)
Credits, high score (EGA)
Hitting the open road (EGA)
On the bright side, if my car gets wrecked, I can just swap into his -- every vehicle on the road is apparently virtually identical! (EGA)
How very futuristic. I suppose this fancy bracelet is what makes me a "Techno" cop (EGA)
Prowling a dilapidated apartment complex in search of the perp (EGA)
Some punk plugged me first! (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Hitting the road (CGA)
Spinning out from a collision (CGA)
They can't afford the fancy sci-fi fonts in CGA
My paranoia gets the better of me, shooting into thin air (CGA)
Entering Level 1 (EGA)
Entering Level 1 (CGA)
Suspect Escaped (EGA)

Genesis version

"Technocop" Title
The Driving Part
Car spins out of control
Crump Jr. Complex
Dan Butch
Suspect escaped as a result of officer injury
Civilian injured. Penalty: 5000 points

ZX Spectrum version

This screen is displayed as the game loads from tape
After some more tape stopping & starting the main menu is displayed. This alternates with the Hi-Score table until the player selects a controller, then side 2 of the tape must be loaded
This is the default Hi-Score screen. 10000 points is needed to make it to the lowest level! That's going to take some doing. After this the player must load side 2 of the tape
The game starts here with a bit of driving
The driving bit is fine. The player gets points for shooting up any car on the road. Here Technocop is driving through the wreckage of one such car
Message coming in. "232 in progress. Apartment Complex. Apartment being robbed. Caution armed & dangerous. Orders : Shoot to kill" Game On
Later the message changes and a picture of the bad guy is displayed. In the game this part feels odd because the car pulls off the road of its own accord
This is the start of the shooty bit
So bad guys appear and get shot, disappearing in a nice tidy puff of smoke
Now shooting civilians is not acceptable, shame he wasn't in a car. Killing three civilians ended my first game
Ah, just killing bad guys is not enough. Technocop must kill the right bad guy quickly
This bag of tools is worth 1000 points - kneel down to collect
This is the criminal to be apprehended
Even finding the bad guy is not enough, he got away somehow
On another play through I got him
Another message from control. This does not stop Technocop from picking up any bonus items that are lying around. To get back to the car he must go back the way he came in
Mission over, no civilians killed, Nukes awarded for being a good boy, that's job satisfaction