Tecmo Super Bowl Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Uh-oh, this doesn't look good
Main menu
List of NFL teams
Team statistics
Player statistics
Regular season: options
Regular season: schedule
Team standings in a division
You can view individual leaders of the season in various categories
The game begins
Heads or tails?
Kick off
Teams are getting ready...
Pause menu
Changing players
What are you standing?..
And now, welcome the Bolshoy Balet from Moscow!

SNES version

Title screen
The confrontation!
A very cool feature are those little cut-scenes that occur within a game
Snowy game...
Main menu
Teams list
Team statistics
Player statistics
Regular season options
Regular season schedule
Division standings
The game is over...
End result
Weather select. This feature is absent in the Genesis version
Coin toss
Kick off
Dramatic situation...
Here you can plan your moves
Starting a rainy game
Get ready, people!
It's difficult to play while it's raining
Cool intro