Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled Screenshots

User Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

April O'Neill, reporting.
Krang makes off with the Statue of Liberty
Time to get the Statue back.
Main menu
Each Turtle has varying skills.
Standard arcade action.
You can still fling enemies into the camera.
Cartoon-style sound effects.
Two at once with a special move.
Krang tries to stop us.
Fighting Baxter Stockman as a boss.
Hitting the streets.
Use the environment to your advantage.
Sewer surfin'!
Shredder appears and banishes the Turtles into the past.
Time warp!
The fight continues in prehistoric times.
Foot soldiers use dinos to attack.
Michelangelo takes on Foot Soldiers on the high seas.
Baseball slide attack.
Raphael fights atop an Old West train.
Grab 'em and throw 'em.
Zipping through a futuristic city.
Turtles in space! Donatello fights through a futuristic station.
Finally made it to the statue, and the Shredder. Who will prevail?