Tekken 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Intro sequence
Title screen
Fighters introduction
Player select
Round 1
Power kick
K.O. replay
Game over
Characters usage
Power punch

PlayStation version

King winds up for the kick.
Title screen/Main menu
Character select screen
Heihachi blocks a kick.
King vs Jack-2
Chick fight
Law vs. Heihachi
Michelle vs Jack-2
Yoshimitsu vs Jack-2
Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind.
Close combat attacks are shown from different angles.
Jun hits Lei with a back-flip.
Law gets knocked off his feet.
Paul has some powerful punches.
Lei's winning pose.
Nina dodges Heihachi's punch.
Lei has a fairly unusual fighting style.
Heihachi knocks out King.
Yoshimitsu rolls away to dodge Paul's attack.

Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Options menu.
Character selection.
Lei grabs and kicks Michelle.
You can see the controls for the character you're using. Here we have the controls for Lei.
Lei knocks Jun back after playing dead.
King jumps over Lei.
Yoshimitsu drawing a lot of blood from Paul's face.
Nina throwing Law back.
Nina finishing Yoshimitsu with a special move.
Kunimitsu stabs Jack-2.
Law's winning pose.
Law hits Heihachi.
Yoshimitsu knocks Wang out in an incredible single move.
Bruce, one of the unlockable characters, backflips to avoid Jack-2's approach.
Michelle blows Lei away (and it rhymes!).
It is game over for Michelle.