Tekken 4 Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Opening movie
Main menu
Choose your fighter.
Story Battle mode walks through the background story of the chosen fighter.
Loading screen showing the upcoming match.
Eddy can be unlocked.
It's the same old Eddy alright, fighting in his typical breakdance fashion.
Replay of a diving knockout.
You win! Advance to the next fighter!
Robots fighting humans doesn't seem like a fair match-up.
Looks like Paul probably broke his neck on this knock out.
Lei taking a flesh wound from Yoshimitsu's sword.
Perfect round!
Law ready to do some damage.
Looks like Christie is the one doing some damage.
Replay of this headfirst knock out.
Paul giving Nina the business.
Nina returning the favor.
Where am I when fights break out like this in hotel lobbies?
Who will strike first?
Marduk is one big dude you don't want to mess with.
Steve is in for a world of pain.
Don't get in Kazuya's way. He'll headbutt you straight into the ground.
Fighting in a stream is always fun.
The final battle versus Heihachi.
Kazuya has to fight another final battle versus Jin.
Unlock short videos by beating Story Battle mode with different characters.
Tekken Force is a mini-game where you have to fight your way through soldiers to the end of the level.
Get more life and time extensions by doing combos and severe damage on the soldiers.
At the end of the level, you must rumble with another fighter to pass.
Steve Win.
Christie VS Jin