Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in COMPUTE!, October 1986:

    They make 'Dune' look like
    a day at the beach.

    Temple of Apshai Trilogy. The classic subterranean fantasy. Now, this all-time bestseller and its sequels "Upper Reaches of Apshai" and "Curse of Ra" have been given enhanced graphics and put on one disk. To make it easier than ever for you to, well, meet the grim reaper.

    Create your own character with your own personality traits. Go for the glory. Or go for the gold. Map 12 levels of dark, underground mazes and nearly 600 rooms as you encounter skeletal bats, ghouls, zombies, and other unpleasant creatures of middle earth. And hear new sound effects that'll send chills down your monitor.

    Includes an 80-page book on the complete lore of Apshai - the lost culture beneath the Sahara. Of course, it's all pure fiction. Or is it?

    Rogue.This is one classic that's definitely not for beginners. Thousands have explored its 26 ominous levels. Maybe two have made it out in one piece. It's a world of underground mazes, bizarre places and magical treasures. Rogue has a mythology all its own, with one fatal reality. It's never the same game twice. So forget mapping. This one's on pure intuition and brainpower.

    Enter the Dungeon of Doom. Your challenge is to recover The Amulet of Yendor, and make it back to Level 1. Not so simple, is it?

    Oh, and just so you won't think we're bad sports, here's an enchanted sword. Hope you know how to use it.

    Contributed by Belboz (6581) on Oct 17, 2001.

Advertisement in COMPUTE!, December 1985:

    You know Temple of Apshai.

    The classic. Best-seller for over four years.

    You may have friends trapped forever in its dark recesses.

    Players have dropped from sight for weeks at a time, searching for the treasures of Apshai.

    Well now we've raised the stakes.

    Introducing the new Apshai Trilogy. The combined wrath of the world famous Temple of Apshai®, Upper Reaches of Apshai®, and Curse of Ra®. All on a single disk. Twelve levels. 568 rooms to explore. More choices. More chances. Best of all, there's faster gameplay.

    The graphics and sounds are new. The challenge of the dungeons is timeless.

    Are you ready for the most involving role-playing game ever designed?

    Temple of Apshai is waiting. Silently lurking. Patiently waiting. For you. At your nearest Epyx dealer.

    Contributed by Belboz (6581) on Apr 12, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    You are a lone adventurer; strong and keen of blade and mind. Only the strongest will stand against the rigors of the journey that lie ahead. The Trilogy of Apshai cannot be told, it must be experienced.

    The realms of Apshai are threefold - first, the TEMPLE - its evil power lashes out at those who dare to enter. To survive, your war-like spirit must be raised to a fever pitch. Second is UPPER REACHES - which knows tragedy and the sage laugh which turns away terror and horror. Third is THE CURSE OF RA - blinding sand and rooms of mazes which old sanctuary for the Sphinx, the last Mystery.

    Once inside the Temple you know why the Legends of Apshai speak of Magic. You will need more than a character of strength and intelligence and the keen nose of intuition to overcome the evil and power of the Curse of Ra. The monsters roam about - Zombies, Ghouls and the terrifying minions of Apshai the insect God. Giant mosquitos, wasps, ants and bettles suddenly attack, biting and clawing. This my friend is adventure - classic adventure from the DunjonMasters at Epyx. Welcome to the Temple of Apshai Trilogy... you're just in time for lunch.

    Contributed by Jeff Sinasac (409) on May 25, 2000.