Temple of Apshai Trilogy Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Oh no! centipedes!
Oh no! skeleton!
Oh no! rat!
Oh no! ghoul!
Oh no! stats!

Apple II version

Title screen
Creating a new character.
Bargaining for good prices on gear.
Entering the dunjon. (double hi-res graphics mode)
Oh no a swamp rat! (double hi-res graphics mode)
Shooting my bow at a skeleton. (double hi-res graphics mode)
The Upper Reaches of Apshai dunjon has an outdoors look. (double hi-res graphics mode)
Oh no! A tomato? Okay now that's a strange monster. (double hi-res graphics mode)
Drunken sailors run amok in the Upper Reaches! (double hi-res graphics mode)
Killed by a Jackal in the Curse of Ra dunjon. (double hi-res graphics mode)
Starting the second level of the Temple. (normal hi-res graphics mode)
This room has loads of vampire bats! (normal hi-res graphics mode)
Escaped the bats only to encounter an Antman. (normal hi-res graphics mode)
Still seriously wounded from the bat encounter, the Antman makes quick work of me. (normal hi-res graphics mode)

Atari ST version

Title screen
Character summary screen
Exploring the dungeon
Oh no, it's Antman!
Hmm, some sort of treasure is here...
A giant spider is here

Commodore 64 version

Title screen.
Rolling a new character.
Haggling with the innkeeper while purchasing items.
Entering the dunjon.
Killed a swamp rat with my bow.
Battling an antman with my sword.
Returning from the dunjon, I cash in my treasure.
The Temple of Ra proves to be too tough for my character. A cobra makes short work of him.

DOS version

Title screen
Oooooh, a secret door!

Thomson TO version

Title screen
Character overview, I already bought some gear
Start in the Temple of Apshai
Some doors in the Upper Reaches of Apshai
Encountered a scorpion in Curse of Ra