Tenshitachi no Gogo 6: My Fair Teacher

Tenshitachi no Gogo 6: My Fair Teacher Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Looking at the school
Pretty boss, hehe...
Go away, dude, I'm here to see pretty girls!
The disgusting teacher Onishima
Teacher-perspective :)
Looks like she knows the answer :)
The mother of one of your students
You are supposed to encourage this girl...
...and that's how you do it
What is to speak about?..
The poor girl is crying, but hey, it's exciting, thinks the Japanese hentai gamer
Haha, her mother catches you and calls the police. Game Over, bastard!
It's night
Witnessing a rape
Suddenly you behave like a gentleman
Your house. Doesn't look that cool, eh?
This is your wife?? That's what the caption says
The poor child is crying, because the protagonist just HAD SEX WITH HER... Man, those Japanese game developers need to be locked in an asylum
Encounter outside
I just love those round, firm... basketballs
Be careful, she is an athlete!
Like in many sex scenes in Japanese games, it's impossible to understand whether this sex is consensual or not
Gotcha! Her boyfriend finds you. Game Over!
Hmm, what is this?..
Night, sleazy district
The dork Onishima is drunk
Bunny girls
This is your student. You immediately take advantage of her
Soon afterwards, there will be visible blood on the screen...
Caught by criminals. I wish they'd beat up whoever developed this disgusting game