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PC-98 version

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Common title screen
Tenshitachi no Gogo 2: Bangai-hen: Title
T2BH: Intro
T2BH: Hero's house
T2BH: Talking to Mom. Much prettier graphics!
T2BH: Corridor. Simplified verb menu
T2BH: your stepfather is playing a video game!
T2BH: Dark kitchen
T2BH: Your room
T2BH: Your sister's room
T2BH: Your sister wakes up
T2BH: Groovy sound system, dude!
T2BH: Got any sushi?
T2BH: Outside
T2BH: School entrance
T2BH: Sexy receptionist
T2BH: Dig the lingerie!
T2BH: Censored receptionist passion!
T2BH: So many girls...
Tenshitachi no Gogo 3: Bangai-hen: Title
T3BH: Intro
T3BH: Introducing the girls
T3BH: So many to choose from...
T3BH: Family breakfast
T3BH: Bus stop
T3BH: Someone is molesting her on the bus...
T3BH: On the street
T3BH: Very... colorful
T3BH: Teacher :)
T3BH: Smoking is forbidden!..
T3BH: ...and indeed, you both get caught. Game Over!
T3BH: Scared girl in a gym
T3BH: What do Japanese game protagonist do to scared little girls?..
T3BH: ... Why, rape them, of course!..
T3BH: Sharing lunch...
T3BH: ...and more
T3BH: Hmmm, very nice... socks
T3BH: Your workplace
T3BH: Encounter in a toilet
T3BH: She is ready, dude!
T3BH: Now this looks beautiful
Tenshitachi no Gogo 4: Title
T4: Intro
T4: Principal
T4: Classroom
T4: Ahh, the shy intellectual...
T4: Meeting in the school corridor
T4: Outside of the St. Sophia school, at night
T4: Lesbian sex through a key hole
T4: It's much more interesting like this, right?
T4: Thank you, girls! Thank you very much! You both get A in this semester
T4: A girl is masturbating...
T4: ...and we are here to help!
T4: Shhhh!... Be quiet!..
T4: Teddy bears and rape in the same game: only in Japan
T4: Nice screen. Shadows and all. Mystery
T4: Old library
T4: Nice view!
T4: Found a mysterious pendant
T4: Hero's room
T4: School map
T4: She looks nice...
T4: ...but is much nicer now!
T4: Blowjob in the bathroom, oh my!..
T4: ...and dinner afterwards
T4: Everyone are concerned...
T4: Looking at a sleeping girl. Guess what we have to do next?..