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PC-98 version

Common title screen
Tenshitachi no Gogo: Remake Title
TTnG: talking to a teacher
TTnG: pretty girls playing
TTnG: your love interest
TTnG: mysterious note
TTnG: talking to a friend
TTnG: innocent school girl
TTnG: the protagonist ehre is really disgusting...
TTnG: raping the school girl...
TTnG: the house of this bastard, the protagonist...
TTnG: oh my God... you can even try to rape your own little sister in this game!
TTnG: your sister's room
TTnG: park at night
TTnG: witnessing rape
TTnG: mysterious girl
TTnG: more schoolgirl-raping...
TTnG: countryside
TTnG: boats
TTnG: talking to a young girl...
...and raping her! Man...
TTnG: it's dark...
TTnG: you keep sexually assulting the poor girl...
TTnG: nice room!
TTnG: close-up
TTnG: more "action"...
TTnG: city at night
TTnG: disco
Tenshitachi no Gogo 2: Remake Title
TTnG 2: nice view!..
TTnG 2: Minako is in bed...
TTnG 2: Minako's house
TTnG 2: Minako watches her father having sex with a girlfriend
TTnG 2: breakfast
TTnG 2: going to school with a friend
TTnG 2: studying
TTnG 2: what??..
TTnG 2: school corridor
TTnG 2: music room
TTnG 2: watching the nasty teacher...
TTnG 2: infirmary, seducing female students
TTnG 2: outside
TTnG 2: taking a shower
TTnG 2: Minako is having sex with a man
Tenshitachi no Gogo 3 Remake Title
TTnG 3: outside of the school
TTnG 3: why so angry?..
TTnG 3: school corridor
TTnG 3: watching a girl masturbate
TTnG 3: searching a drawer
TTnG 3: she is crying...
TTnG 3: "consolation"
TTnG 3: sports!