Tentama 2wins Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Opening movie
Main title
Main menu
A typical traditional sweets
In-game menu options
Game settings
Outside the Purple Potato restaurant
Mizuki, welcoming you back home
Tsubasa and Tsukasa seem to be sniveling a lot
Twin sisters crash landed on top of me... ouch!
They don't seem to like my complaining about them being heavy
Character introduction is done when you first time meet new character
Kae and Momi are telling a sob story to gain sympathy from the elders
Good morning... but is it really a good one?
Message history log
Occasionally, characters will display emoticons during the conversation
Time to start your part-time job
Meet Mayuki, your co-worker
Select the action you want to do to raise your skill levels
In today's job, you selected to be a waiter
Main title shutter effect screen
Should I go together or return on my own?
Walking back with Mayuki