Even though the manual would be the last place to look for them, in this case it actually holds two cheat codes inside: One of them restores your shields to 100% and the other one gives you 1,000 units of afterburner.

Contributed by Daedolon (3362) on Sep 05, 2006. -- edit trivia

This was the first shareware game to get a magazine cover *before* its release (not even DOOM had a pre-release cover story).

Contributed by Frenkel (1599) on Mar 31, 2004. -- edit trivia

After developing this game, Terminal Reality became one of the many victims of one of Microsoft's most common practices: spotting a good thing, assimilating the company responsible, and then squeezing all the bucks they can make out of it by rehashing its product over and over and over again without keeping the original spirit of the product. In Terminal Reality's case this caused the release of the pseudo sequels to TV: Fury3, and Hellbender, both bombs that managed to taint the name of its original incarnation.

Contributed by Zovni (9314) on Jan 09, 2001. -- edit trivia

Terminal Velocity version 1.0 was 3D Realms' first game.

Contributed by Xantheous (1298) on Aug 16, 2000. -- edit trivia

The floppy disk-based version of Terminal Velocity is available on Classic Games Collection CD featured with the July 2000 issue of PC Gamer Magazine.

Contributed by rstevenson (813) on Jun 24, 2000. -- edit trivia