Terminator 3: The Redemption Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.

Xbox version

The T-X gets ambushed in the opening cinema.
Title screen.
Title screen.
The "Sgt. Candy" deleted scene is an extra on the disc.
The game uses a mix of film clips and CG movies to tell its story.
Arnold lent his face and voice to the game.
Prologue: The Terminator gets captured by the Resistance.
Waking up after being reprogrammed.
Mission details.
Upgrade points are awarded for speed and meeting level-specific goals.
The pause menu mimics the Terminator's circuits.
Earn upgrade points to improve key systems.
Third person, on-foot action.
Certain finishing moves give a boost to your health.
You can only use Terminator vision for a brief time, but get increased damage when you do.
Grabbing a station turret.
The Terminator model shows increasing battle damage as you fight.
Grab a car, seamlessly transition to vehicle-based racing.
Run over Terminators and they try to climb aboard. Don't forget to shoot them off.
Get close to another vehicle and you'll jump over to it and take it over.
Switching vehicles for a fresh one keeps you moving.
Leap to a helicopter, seamlessly change to rail-shooting action. This is still the same level.
Close combat with some Terminators. Note the damaged one still crawling after you.
Level 2. The Terminator can dual-wield weapons.
Rail-shooting section of Level 2.
In-game model of Arnold.
The Terminator can hold his own in close combat.
More driving. Lots of different vehicles to command.
In the present, chasing after the T-X's tow truck.
Spin-cock move for the shotgun. Nice touch.
Shoot the tires out to stop the truck.
Military hangar, trying to get John and Kate to safety.
Fratricide is not in The Terminator's vocabulary.
Holding off the T-X in the final level.