The Terminator: Future Shock Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Main menu
FMV intro
The first mission briefing
Area's are large and war-torn
A beautiful night for a stroll!
One of the smaller enemies
Most of the buildings are accessible as long as they're still held up by four sturdy walls.
Usually there isn't much inside the buildings, but you'll need whatever you can find to survive.
The enemy sure knows how to ambush you, this scout suddenly attacked me from behind those fallen down buildings.
Inside a warehouse: The level design offers a lot of variety if you know where to look.
Jackpot! Be sure to check out up high too when you're hunting for items. That shotgun will come real handy.
Your destination. Bethesda did a great job in keeping true to the original movies.
Some of the interiors are quite huge and have lots of places to explore.
Talk about being pinned down.
The game offers alot of variety too, you'll need to drive your jeep few miles to the outpost in the second level. Watch out those tanks!
A Hunter/Killer scout got the best of me. Remember to save often.
Hi-res mode made available by running the game via its sequel, SkyNET
Bethesda HQ
Terminator combat chassis