Test Drive 2001 Credits (Game Boy Color)

Test Drive 2001 Game Boy Color Title Screen


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Test Drive 2001 Credits


Project ManagerLynn Loughmiller
Lead ProgrammerMike Crandall
ProgrammersJohn Coffey, Lynn Freeman
Lead ArtistChad Johnson
ArtistsNate Cash, D. Gard Millward, Carson Dalton, Thurop Vanorman, Nikki Calder
MusicH. Kingsley Thurber, Carson Dalton
SoundH. Kingsley Thurber, Carson Dalton
Director of Pd. RacingChris Downend
ProducerPam Levins, Matthew Guzenda
Assistant ProducerSam Newman
Lead TesterJason Cordero
TestersKinh Williams, Dan Burkhead, Hong Vu, Lauren Benjamin, Angela Johnson, Kingsley C. Sur
Director of MarketingLaddie Ervin
Marketing ManagerJean Raymond
Creative ServicesSheryl Knowles, William Robinson, Eric Larson
DocumentationBruce Harlick
Online MarketingJonathan Tagle, Kiana Tran, Christopher Black
PRErica Krishnamurthy, Meridith Braun, Mika Kelly
LicensingTim Campbell, Dianthe Harris
Cool DudettesLisa Crandall, Prudence Crandall, Joycie Crandall, Felicity Crandall
Cool DudesMichael Oliver, Cooper Olsen, Bryson Loughmiller, Derrick Rivera, Matthew Kiefer-Odonell

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (179433) and formercontrib (159657)