Test Drive 4 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu
Track menu
Jaguar XJ220
Washington track
Drag race
England track
Crashing into the finishing line.
Police car
Washington, D.C.
Japanese track
Japanese city
Japanese tunnel
Switzerland track
Covered bridge
Mountain tunnel
Snow slopes
San Francisco track
Air time
Streets of San Francisco

Windows version

Main Menu
An English country road
Fender Bender
Test Drive 4 was the last to feature the in-car dash view.
A dark tunnel
All roads lead to "Pitbull Syndicate"
Cars have transparent, hexagonal wheels.
Big wreck
Cross streets lead to nowhere.
New versus old... (3dfx Glide mode)
...and old versus new (3dfx Glide mode)
Wipeout (3dfx Glide mode)
In car camera (3dfx Glide mode)
If you can read this... (3dfx Glide mode)
Scenic riverside driving (3dfx Glide mode)
And an even more scenic wooden bridge (3dfx Glide mode)
Heading down the highway in the... (3dfx Glide mode)
Shelby Cobra (3dfx Glide mode)
Racing usually gets really hectic (3dfx Glide mode)
They're never gonna take me alive! Actually the cops are quite tame in this game (3dfx Glide mode)
This is just one in a series of crazy jumps in the San Francisco track (3dfx Glide mode)
Despite what you may have read in the reviews here, I didn't find the game particularly hard. (3dfx Glide mode)
The English track is the only track that I can genuinely qualify as challenging... (3dfx Glide mode)
...particularly this twisty and dark tunnel. (3dfx Glide mode)
Sparks fly... (3dfx Glide mode)
...and you lose control. (3dfx Glide mode)
Luckily the AI loves crashing into traffic. (3dfx Glide mode)
The Japanese track takes through quite a variety of locations. (3dfx Glide mode)
Countryside (3dfx Glide mode)
Light urban (3dfx Glide mode)
Arcaded street (3dfx Glide mode)
Urban (3dfx Glide mode)
And some suburban (3dfx Glide mode)