Test Drive II Scenery Disk: California Challenge Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

California Challenge
Welcome to California
Lotus Turbo Esprit car ahead
Trees of mystery
Arriving to Eureka city limit
Elevation 1000
Entering Rockport
Fort Bragg
Fort Rogg
Bodega Bay
Mill Valley
Driving speed 181 mph
Arriving at Pacifica city limit
Warning, falling rocks ahead
Half Moon Bay
Santa Cruz
Big Sur
Vista Point, one mile ahead
Hearst Castle, two miles ahead
Manhattan Beach
California Challenge Top Scores

Commodore 64 version

With this add on - the California Challenge now appears in the scenery menu.
Californian red wood trees line the road.
Driving along a beach.
Driving inside a tunnel.
Mountains in the distance.
Driving up a mountain side.
Roadsigns keep you informed of where you are.
Palm trees.

DOS version

Select Menu (EGA)
Scenario (EGA)
Start (EGA)
Crash (EGA)
Trees of Mystery (EGA)
Trying not to attract attention from the cops by going slowly (EGA)
Approaching San Francisco. The opponent is already waiting at the gas station (EGA)
Finally... The border is near (EGA)
Select Menu (CGA)
Scenario (CGA)
Start (CGA)
Crash (CGA)