Test Drive II Scenery Disk: European Challenge Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

European Challenge
Welcome to Holland
At the gas station in Holland
Welcome to Germany
Germany Autobahn begins
Welcome to Switzerland
Driving between two mountains
Driving in tunnel
Oh no, falling down the ravine
Got a speeding ticket
Driving Ferrari in Italy
Game Over
European Challenge Top Scores
Driving in France
Driving in Spain
Your license is revoked

Commodore 64 version

European Challenge in the scenery menu.
Starting level in Holland.
Windmills line the road in Holland.
Welcome to Germany.
Three lane driving in Germany.
Twisty mountain pass in Switzerland.
Rome, Italy.
About to cross a bridge.
Pillars by the road side.
Nearing the finish line.

DOS version

Select Menu (EGA)
Scenario (EGA)
Start (EGA)
Crash (EGA)
The Autobahn in Germany. Pretty boring, if you ask me (EGA)
A winding mountain road in Switzerland (EGA)
The road is congested with agricultural transports in Italy (EGA)
Sunny beaches at the Côte d'Azur (EGA)
The last stage of the European Challenge: Spain (with some strange-looking castles) (EGA)
Select Menu (CGA)
Scenario (CGA)
Start (CGA)
Crash (CGA)