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Test Drive: Le Mans

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PlayStation 2 4.0
Windows 3 4.0
Combined MobyScore 5 4.0

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PlayStationPSX Nation
The best thing about Test Drive Le Mans is that you probably didn't think much about this game. Well believe me, it's a good game and a great racer. Its not exactly the best racing game ever, but it does have a lot of great features and elements that make it a solid performer. Great AI, great framerate, good looks and great control all add up and along with solid gameplay you can just imagine how surprising this game was. It's not your typical shovelware late term racing game, instead it's got heart and a lot of it. Highly recommended for racing fans.
PlayStationPower Unlimited
Le Mans 24 Hours is een puike racegame geworden. Een aantal leuke races en kampioenschappen in de Arcade- en Championship mode en het ultieme werk in de moeder aller autoraces.
WindowsEurogamer.net (UK)
Despite some minor annoyances, LeMans 24 Hour is a top-notch racing game. Apart from the obvious appeal of competing in an accurate recreation of the real LeMans race, the arcade challenges and championship season modes really extend the longevity of the game. Many rainy afternoons can be lost attempting to master all three classes of racer, and the difficulty level is just enough to challenge you without being overly difficult. The only other PC racing game this good is Codemasters TOCA2, but if you've played that to death and need your fix of adrenaline while waiting for Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 3, then I have no hesitation in recommending LeMans 24 Hours. Great stuff!
WindowsPC Gameplay (Benelux)
Le Mans 24H was een echte topper geworden, had Infogrames het geheel wat beter afgewerkt. Een betere afwerking van de graphics, meer en beter geluid, wat meer camerastandpunten dan nu het geval is (een schamele drie) en wat meer managementmogelijkheden hadden van het spel een topper kunnen maken.
All in all, the game proved to be a big disappointment. Sports Car GT did a far better job at representing the atmosphere of these events. Le Mans 24 hours might be interesting to those who enjoy in races of these car classes, with not much fuss about realism and car setup. Fans of games like Rally Championship, Grand Prix Legends or NASCAR Racing will certainly not have their expectations fulfilled.
Uns drängt sich der Verdacht auf, dass Infogrames noch schnell ein paar Mark mit dem Spiel verdienen wollte. Pünktlich zum diesjährigen Rennen erschienen, präsentiert sich der Titel hoffnungslos veraltet und ohne irgendwelche sinnvollen Anpassungen für PC-Spieler.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Entweder bin ich blind, oder in Handbuch und Pressetext stehen lauter lustige Dinge, die es nicht mehr ins Spiel geschafft haben. Wo ist die spektakuläre, nicht-aufpoppende Grafik? Wo ist der angekündigte Mehrspieler-Modus? Seh' ich nicht! Sodann bin ich absolut sicher, dass NIEMAND, ohne abspeichern zu können, ein 24-Stunden-Rennen fährt. Selbst in echt gibt es schließlich drei Fahrer pro Wagen. Und wenn ich den idiotischen Stadionsprecher jedes Mal, wenn er das Wort "sensationell" ausspricht, erschießen würde, wären sämtliche Munitionsvorräte der Bundeswehr bald aufgebraucht. Das wäre ungut.
While I agree that the game's main draw is definitely its crass challenge to endure the 24-hour spin, I have to admit that there's a totally decent racer dwelling in the disc's confines, as playable as the best of them.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Although the Test Drive series seems to be lagging behind in its recent attempts, the Le Mans incarnation is actually a decently entertaining ride. Although working your way through a season to unlock other vehicles isn’t exactly a new idea, it’s presented in a sufficiently crisp and inventive way that you’ll find yourself drawn in for a few runs despite any preconceptions you might have. Unfortunately, the limited number of tracks and occasionally abysmal graphics will ultimately stunt the game’s shelf life, restricting its fans to being either those who have tired with other, superior GT racing titles or simply are too new to the genre to be able to tell the difference. Not to mention the Le Mans race itself. To be able to race a full, non-stop 24 hours is on one hand an incredibly unique claim to fame and on the other an incredibly insane and nearly useless option.
Vraiment pas de quoi être subjugué. Pour le premier jeu utilisant la licence officielle des 24H du Mans, Infogrames nous offre un jeu peu attrayant et manquant singulièrement de peps et de qualités.
PlayStationSuper Play
Spelet stöder Dual Shock både för styrning och gas men om jag ska vara ärlig tycker jag inte att det tillför någonting till den ganska mediokra spelkänslan. Visst har man full kontroll men bilarna har inte riktigt den rätta tyngden. Körkänslan liknar varken rallyspelens eller F1-simulatorernas och det krävs mycket träning innan man behärskar tekniken någotsånär bra. Vilket givetvis betyder ökad livslängd men också gör Le Mans 24 hours till ett ganska svårtillgängligt spel. Det här är ett spel för entusiaster och folk med tålamod och ett brinnande intresse för sportbilar. Övriga bör välja något annat alternativ.
Bof ! Ce mot résume suffisamment bien la teneur du produit... En fait, ici tout est moyen, et on aurait presque tendance à penser que ce jeu a été fait à la va-vite. Le mode "24 heures" est fichtrement mal exploité, et on ne retrouve pas du tout l'esprit de la fameuse course, qui méritait tout de même mieux que ça. Un petit jeu.
WindowsPC Gamer
The Test Drive series spins out again - it makes us wonder why they keep making these games!
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Racing in arcade and championship modes was line, but with no options to adjust the computer-controlled cars, a lack of a rear-view mirror, a bland announcer, and no multiplayer features, racing TEST DRIVE LE MANS quickly became tedious and boring. Even though the game has serviceable graphics, nice visual effects, and decent arcade-style racing, it didn’t live up to its promise of a realistic driving experience. In the end, you’re better off dumping a turbo charger into your old Toyota Corolla than driving this box of rusty bolts.