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PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Aug 27, 2001)
The three race types’ Circuit, Blitz, and Scramble, make you alter your driving style significantly, though they’e all some form of checkpoint racing. Wide Open is more forgiving and easier to win than Smuggler, which is good for some, bad for others. If you liked the go-anywhere idea behind Smuggler’ Run but found the game too difficult, your future is Wide Open.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme (Aug 29, 2001)
In the end, I believe Infogrames lived up to the promise of bringing an excellent off-road title. Angel Studios did a great job of creating an amusing and most importantly a fun title that features enormous, never ending environments, very good car detail, and an excellent sense of speed. The game will last for weeks thanks to its lengthy career mode and various secret races and cars. Despite what you may have heard, Test Drive Off-Road: Wide Open is a great game, and is a recommended purchase for those looking for a racing title, or for the off-road fan out there. Simply put, this game is fun.
PlayStation 2Gamezilla (Sep 12, 2001)
It was a breath of fresh air as far as racing games go, it’s just too bad the air wasn’t THAT fresh. Yeah, the game is easy to pick up and generally fun to play, but it’s missing that special something that elevates games to greatness. Maybe it was hollow audio, maybe it was the missing sharp graphics. Either way, an all around racing game.
XboxThe Age (Jul 04, 2002)
The strategy is largely based on knowing the power and performance of your vehicle. Pushing each past its limit will result in some spectacular accidents and traumatic collisions. Career mode unlocks upgrades for each of the different trucks and the prize money needed to buy more grunt. Ultimately, the game leads to an indoor stadium finale, where ridiculous monster trucks crush obstacles and impress the crowd no end. With vast outdoor areas, mountain ranges, variable weather, towering jumps, highspeed racing and unstoppable trucks, this game is certainly an impressive evolution of the realism meets the ridiculous racing game genre.
XboxGameZone (Dec 12, 2001)
Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open is entertaining, features very nice graphical elements and has a sound track that will get your foot tapping, and push you faster. Though it has mild lyrics, this program is rated for Everyone.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Aug 28, 2001)
The next generation of consoles brings with them the hope that Infogrames' Test Drive series of games will be able to turn over a new leaf. The series got off to a rousing start with Test Drive Le Mans for the Sega Dreamcast and its enhanced port Le Mans 24 Hours for the Sony PlayStation 2. Now, one of the Test Drive mainstays, the Off-Road series, has followed suit with Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open for the PS2. The game sports realistic physics, a variety of gameplay options, and true to its namesake, massive, wide-open environments. Angel Studios' driving game engine has been put to good use in the game, and although not quite as free roaming as its other PS2 game, Smuggler's Run, Off-Road Wide Open adeptly captures the feeling of driving through undulating off-road terrain.
XboxGaming Target (Apr 22, 2002)
Everyone always says that you don’t need spectacular graphics to have a fun game. Fortunately for Test Drive Off Road, that is the case. Graphics are moderate at best. While some details come off nice, like tire marks and gravel kicked up, others like waterfalls and textures on the hills are just plain bad. At any given time, there is a lot going on on-screen.
XboxGamezilla (Dec 04, 2001)
There is no denying there is some fun to be had with this game, however I really can’t help but think it could have been more. I love racing games and I also enjoy racing trucks so I had high hopes for this one. Having played the PS2 version, I kept my fingers crossed that some improvements would be made in this version, but I guess it was not meant to be. I would recommend a weekend rental and by the time Monday roles around, you will be ready to return it.
XboxGameSpy (Nov 15, 2001)
The game delivers all the right features in licensed cars, fitting music and diverse locations, but might leave gamers wanting just a little bit more.
PlayStation 2Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Oct 19, 2001)
It may not hold up to the current crop of top-drawer racers on the PS2, but Test Drive Off-Road: Wide Open is a solid offering that fills a niche nicely. Featuring off-road action with an arcade twist, you can literally readjust your car’s alignment as you sail through the air, and damage modeling is just a figment of your imagination. As such, those looking for off-road realism will pull away disappointed, while arcade fans will have their hands full for quite a while. Sadly, though, this iteration of the Test Drive license lacks the staying power of offerings like Test Drive: Le Mans 24 Hours and starts to suffer from its mediocre graphics and limited number of environments. The resulting sense of deja-vu is doubly concerning when one considers that the career mode feels very tacked-on and offers very little extra value to the package. For those who love their racing titles served octane side up, however, Test Drive Off-Road: Wide Open has exactly what they need to get their fix.
PlayStation 2PSM (Sep, 2001)
The game is thankfully free of any seriously rough spots. It's still a solid effort, and ranks just shy of a must-have for all racing fans. If you're into off-road racers you should definitely give it a go. This third Test Drive Off-Road game is easily the best yet for the series.
PlayStation 2The Age (Feb 07, 2002)
Three venues are available: Moab National Park in Utah, Yosemite National Park in California, and one merely listed as Hawaii. They're well rendered, with unexpected treats such as a freshly extinguished Yosemite forest fire (complete with spot fires and plenty of smoke) and some freshly cooled - in part - lava next to an active volcano in Hawaii. Sadly the realism seems to taper off - rapidly - about here. Driving physics are at times weird, going from the sort of response you'd expect from a big 4WD with some weight and a high centre of gravity to Gran Turismo-like grip in a matter of seconds. Vehicles return to the upright as easily as they roll, and perhaps, thankfully, there's no representation of damage, which would add more realism. Especially since the vehicles will handle 350-metre vertical drops with aplomb. Certainly more than a human spine can withstand.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Sep 29, 2001)
The game's action is unquestionably fun and a pleasure to watch, but a plethora of minor flaws add up to nearly counteract the off-road ecstasy. Although there are numerous gameplay modes, the game's shortcomings plague them all.
PlayStation (Jan 24, 2002)
Daher wäre es schon fast wünschenswert, dass das Spiel einen hastig zusammengestückelten Eindruck hinterlassen würde, der die spielerischen Mängel erklären könnte. Doch leider wirkt vieles im Spiel zu durchdacht, als dass man die Probleme als fahrlässig bezeichnen würde - zumindest in den Berichen Grafik und Physik. Da das magere Spielprinzip aber weit abgeschlagen dahinter zurück bleibt, werden sich wohl nur hartgesottene Off-Road-Fans uneingeschränkt mit Off-Road Wide Open anfreunden können. Schade - denn wie das Beispiel Insane auf dem PC zeigt, steckt in Off-Road-Rennen eine Menge Potenzial.
XboxGameSpot (Nov 30, 2001)
Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open is presently the best off-road game for the Xbox, but it's a dubious honor. Despite its rather humdrum graphics and sound, it manages to provide a thrilling experience for the first several hours. But its lack of gameplay depth and its overly aggressive computer AI seriously limit its long-term appeal. If you're desperate to hit the mud with your Xbox, can overlook uninspired visuals, and like your racing games to be simple, Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open is the best option.
XboxGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2001)
Basically, Wide Open is a direct port of the PS2 version of the same name, and as such I will give it the same score. The game is certainly competent, and a solid member of the 4x4 sub-racing genre, but being average isn’t what anyone aspires to be. If you absolutely must have some off road action on your Xbox, it’s either this or 4x4 Evolution, and I probably wouldn’t choose either.
67 (Jun 27, 2002)
Kysymys, joka hiipii varsin pian vähemmänkin asioita pohtivan mieleen on, että miksi ihmeessä Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open on olemassa. Se on nimittäin lähes täydellisen turha peli. Sama on nähty jo monta kertaa ja paremmin tehtynä: katsokaa vaikka Monster Truck Madnessia, ATV Offroadia tai kaikkien maastokaahauspelien kuningasta 1NSANEa. TD:ssä ei ole mitään näiden pelien hyvistä ominaisuuksista - ei huippuunsa hiottua pelattavuutta, ei kiinnostavia pelitiloja, ei herkullista vahinkomallinnusta. Se on vain saman reseptin toistamista, vailla innovaatiota, vailla mielenkiintoa, vailla olemassaolon oikeutusta. Eikä Metallicakaan enää ole sitä mitä Mustan levyn aikoihin.
PlayStation 2Game Revolution (Aug, 2001)
The PS2 isn't just a baby in messy diapers anymore. It's nearly a year old now and getting to be a big boy. It's still scared of the dark and can't tie it's own shoes but it's about time it got a chance to start acting its age and show us what it can do, give us doting gamers the opportunity to see it taking on a consistent stream of games that are more interesting, more involving and offer more variety than what the PSOne has to offer. Even a dismal series like Test Drive: Off Road should be able to redeem itself with the PS2's technology and burgeoning adolescence.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Sep, 2001)
The gameplay is fun, but there isn’t much challenge here. Unlike Kristian, I thought the graphics were adequate, it's just that the experience didn’t leave me wanting more. An average racer, which loses a couple of points for being of the off-road variety.
XboxXBox Solution (XBS) (Oct 09, 2002)
Despite it’s technical and graphical shortcomings, Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open is a decent title and can prove to be a really fun and addictive hit the dirt racer. The fun factor alone is enough to make this title at least worthy of a closer look.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Sep 25, 2001)
Doing stuff you're supposed to do isn't always fun. Sometimes you just look out your window and think, "hey it would kick ass if I veered off the road and just started driving through that corn field." Well, if you think like that enough, then read on my friend, read on.
XboxXboxAddict (Nov 25, 2001)
This game is from the makers of Midtown Madness for the PC, what happend? This game is an obvious port job, meaning that it came from another console with lesser abilities, and it shows. The AI is so bad...that it ALWAYS tries to run you off the road when you pass. Very fustrating! Be careful buying this game...if you don't mind that it's a port from another console and the AI will get you fired up. Sure, buy it. I've played many off-road racing games, and this one could have been so much more. The game play concept is very good, but delivered in a weird way. Angel Studios doesn't have a reputation on putting out games like this (Scratching my head). You want a off-road title that is better, get 4x4 Evolution 2 (It's a port too, unfortunately).
XboxGame Revolution (Feb, 2002)
TDORWO offers players a lame replay feature where you will find yourself observing a completed race from the same perspectives available when you were driving - chase cam, first person and rear view. If you were paying attention when you were racing, you saw that already. They missed an excellent opportunity to win players over by letting us see for ourselves just how crazy the race really was.
PlayStation (Jan 03, 2002)
En somme voici un titre à l'intérêt tout relatif et à la réalisation qui laisse l'impression d'un développement vite fait mal fait. Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open offre bien peu de challenges et de plaisir de jeu avec un gameplay bien trop fade et des sensations de conduite quasi inexistantes. Un titre qu'il conviendra d'éviter, dans une catégorie proche et par la même équipe, un Smuggler's Run est beaucoup plus amusant.
XboxThe Video Game Critic (Feb 17, 2003)
The career mode is fun at first because you don't need to finish high to move onto the next race, but I lost interest when the tracks started to repeat. The multiplayer mode features an interesting "King of the Hill" variation that my friend Scott compared to jockeying for a parking spot at work. It's certainly different but it's not for everyone. You'll either love or hate the music, depending on how much you like bands like Metallica. Personally, I turned the sound down. If you're looking for a arcade-style off-road game, this will do, but I wouldn't pay full price for it.
XboxGamekult (Jun 25, 2002)
Sans être terriblement mauvais, Test Drive Off-Road est simplement passable. La réalisation technique médiocre a vite fait d'anéantir l'absence d'originalité du titre d'Angel Studios. En bref, ce nouveau titre de la série Test Drive n'a que très peu d'intérêt et ne séduira qu'un public restreint et peu exigeant. Une fois de plus.
PlayStation 2Gamekult (Oct 21, 2001)
On serait tenté de dire que Test Drive Off-Road n'est pas un jeu catastrophique... si ce n'est qu'il n'arrive pas à se démarquer de Smuggler's Run sorti il y a un an. Techniquement ce dernier est même largement plus abouti (pas de clipping par exemple, malgré une ligne de vue plus impressionnante) et seule l'absence de gestion du volant semble le pénaliser face à Test Drive Off-Road. En bref, ce nouveau titre de la série Test Drive n'a que très peu d'intérêt et ne séduira qu'un public restreint et peu exigeant.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Sep, 2001)
What fun! A built-in seizure inducer! Aside from that, the graphics are poor to the point of being silly and the sounds…Well, frankly, they suck. I’m not sure how else to say that without being censored. If you’re in the market for a good off-road racer for PS2, go with 4x4 Evo or Smuggler’s Run before you dole out your hard-earned bills for this toilet rust.
PlayStation 2games xtreme (Jan 29, 2002)
To conclude – this game is a weak entry into the field of the PS2 racer and should be avoided unless you’re desperate. I find no redeeming features and the two-player mode is just a little better, but in the end it leaves you feeling like a flat tyre. If Gamesxtreme had a turkey-award then this would qualify, lock stock and two smoking barrels for it.