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Test Drive Unlimited 2

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PlayStation 3
Xbox 360

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The game that would have been very good. Windows MurlocQ (20)

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Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 3 4 3.9
Windows 7 3.4
Xbox 360 1 4.4
Combined MobyScore 12 3.6

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PlayStation 3PSFocus
Test Drive Unlimited 2 is een erg leuke game met een eindeloze speelduur. De singleplayer is al erg goed en daarbovenop komt dan nog eens een ijzersterke multiplayer. Het leukste aan Test Drive Unlimited 2 is dat je zo veel kan doen. Je hoeft niet constant te racen, je kunt er voor kiezen om eens een uurtje gewoon te gaan rondrijden zonder je te vervelen. Ook het luxe element voegt iets ergs leuks aan de game toe, want na een tijd waan je jezelf de koning te rijk. De game mag dan grafisch niet perfect zijn en enkele minpunten bevatten, wij hebben ons enorm lang geamuseerd met deze game en hopen dat nog veel mensen dit zullen doen, want de game is een echte aanrader.
PlayStation 3Game Informer Magazine
Test Drive Unlimited 2 might be lacking in some areas, but this is one instance where the sheer quantity of features prevails since their structure is thoughtful enough to make this game more than just a lazy vacation.
Xbox 360Game Informer Magazine
Test Drive Unlimited 2 might be lacking in some areas, but this is one instance where the sheer quantity of features prevails since their structure is thoughtful enough to make this game more than just a lazy vacation.
Xbox 360Xbox360Achievements
Eden Games has successfully built upon the solid foundations laid by the first TDU for Test Drive Unlimited 2, creating a genuinely inviting and gratifying racing title, online or offline. It surpasses its predecessor with fantastic visuals, hundreds of extra miles of roads to speed along and more cars and races than you can shake a gearstick at.
WindowsPC Gameplay (Benelux)
Test Drive Unlimited 2 is een leuke open world racegame die je wel even zoet zal houden maar niet zo vernieuwend is als de ontwikkelaars je willen doen geloven.
PlayStation 3PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Test Drive Unlimited 2 is een leuke open world racegame die je wel even zoet zal houden maar niet zo vernieuwend is als de ontwikkelaars je willen doen geloven.
WindowsCheat Happens
These missteps aside, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is still a great time more often than not. Continuing the tradition of massive open worlds to explore and gorgeous scenery, it's hard not to recommend Test Drive's sequel. If you were any bit of a fan of the first game, jump back in, the islands are waiting.
WindowsBrash Games
TDU2 is a good game. If you can get used to the controls and the other gripes I’m sure you will have hours of fun behind the virtual wheel of your favourite sports car. The online multiplayer mode is simply fabulous and will keep you wandering the streets in search of other players to race against, plus it’s a lot cheaper than the current petrol prices that accumulate when driving up and down Great Yarmouth sea front. In a nutshell, TDU2 can be annoying, it will have you effing and blinding at the monitor, but it’s also masochistically and strangely good fun.
Именно эта романтика, искусно поддерживаемая самыми разными инструментами, помогает примириться с недоделками. Подавляющему большинству игроков никогда в жизни не удастся рассекать просторы Ибицы или Гавайев на новенькой Ferrari с открытым верхом. А Test Drive Unlimited 2 воспроизводит этот опыт по сегодняшним меркам достаточно правдоподобно, отсекая всю «бытовуху» и акцентируя внимание на главном. Так почему же не провалиться в этот сон, тем более что длиться он будет ровно столько, сколько сам захочешь?
PlayStation 3Playstation Universe
While TDU2 isn't quite as polished as we hoped it would be, there's more than enough content on offer to keep us coming back for more.
PlayStation 3PlayStation Lifestyle
This all equates to a ridiculous amount of playtime and enjoyment. We poured over 15 hours into TDU2, having only pushed through a small sliver of the mulitplayer experience, and just a sixth of the way through the game’s leveling system (60 total). As frustrating as the first hour or so may be, the sheer amount of content and scope of the islands is enough to warrant a thumbs up from us. Test Drive Unlimited 2 isn’t perfect, but it sure is one addictively good time that’s worth a look.
PlayStation 3Cheat Code Central
Still, if you can get past the poor production values, there is a lot to love about Test Drive: Unlimited 2. It is a different kind of automotive game, and if you are looking for super-tight controls or an over-the-top arcade experience, you won't find it here. However, if you are looking for a unique take on a genre that has far too many conventions, this title should fit the bill rather nicely. Instead of borrowing from other, more popular franchises, Test Drive: Unlimited 2 takes some risks with their gameplay format, and for the most part, their gamble pays off. If you like exploring an open world, or are just looking for a change of pace with your automotive games, Test Drive: Unlimited 2 will get your motor running. Just don't expect to come out any time soon!
PlayStation 3PSX Extreme
The Good: Some pretty visuals and scenery; decent sound. Great, idyllic environment. Diverse landscape and roads. Ranking up and building a very rich Collection is fulfilling. Very expansive; lots of things to do, especially online. The Bad: Technicals aren’t overly polished. Poor AI. Control can be iffy for some cars. Single-player pales in comparison to online multiplayer. The Ugly: Potentially terrible for your self-esteem.
PlayStation 3Impulse Gamer
Despite this review seeming very negative, TDU2 is a game where the sum does not equal the parts. The game is good, if you are looking for a different driving experience then this may be it, if you are willing to overlook some of the shortcomings you will become completely drawn into the world, you will want the best house, clothes and most importantly, car. With the right mindset and a wanting to like and enjoy the journey of TDU2 you will.
PlayStation 3Game Revolution
At it stands, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is like a used Ferrari with a broken passenger seat - a solid ride as long as the player doesn't mind some of the nicks and bumps and is willing to drive mostly alone. The hardcore racing fan will likely be turned off by the casual MMO style of the title, but TDU2 is an entirely different beast for a more even-paced audience who enjoys the simple fantasy of fast cars and elegant life. The temporary lack of clubs makes the game difficult to grade accurately other than for this particular moment in time, but once clubs get patched, go ahead and bump the grade one notch higher. For better or worse, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is literally a race against time.
Xbox 360Gaming Age
The title of this RPG/racing game fits nicely. While driving through one of the biggest open worlds we've seen, the mountains of unique challenges and items really do feel unlimited, most of the time. TDU2 is an incredible toy box full of racing, exploring, car collection and the lifestyle of the fast and famous. But the rough start has probably made the rest of the game's experience a lot less than it could have been.
PlayStation 3Strategy Informer
Test Drive Unlimited 2 will most likely receive a cult following for its kooky characters and general offbeat atmosphere, and the solid multiplayer options will keep many coming back. A word of warning, however - give this one a rent before you go the whole hog, as the baffling physics and numerous technical oddities are sure to kill this ride for many.
PlayStation 3NZGamer
Despite the 4+ year gap between the two games, there are numerous annoying aspects and glitches to TDU2 that I hoped had been ironed out by now. On top of the irritating cinematics and clunky non-driving gameplay elements, the game continues to feature some unpredictable AI when racing computer drivers. Some of the races you’ll engage in seem completely random, with opponents zooming ahead from the starting line and often winning the race before you’re past the second check-point. The in-car radio offers a disappointing two stations to choose between and the game is still plagued by fairly major server issues that detract from the promising online experience. Amazingly though, even with all these niggles and with a decent steering wheel (I strongly recommend the Logitech G27), TDU2 is still an enjoyable experience. It could be marketed as the perfect solution to any mid-life crisis because for many, it's the closest we'll ever get to hooning around sunny Ibiza in a Jaguar.
Xbox 360The Telegraph
Another brave and ambitious effort from the consistently inventive Eden Games, then, but another flawed gem. If anything, Test Drive Unlimited 2 teaches us that it’s not just the open world you create, but what you do within it that really forms its identity. A shame then, that despite coming across like the coolest guy at the party, deep down, TDU2 is still not really sure who it is.
Xbox 360GamersHell.com
As a whole, Test Drive Unlimited 2 isn't nearly as exciting as it had the potential to be. The concept of a racing game that effortlessly integrates multiplayer looks great on paper, but the execution just doesn't cut it. While there is an incredible amount of content available here, the lack of finesse and polish will turn some gamers away. If you enjoyed the original, then chances are you will still like this release, but sadly this isn't the kind of driving game that will make your heart beat out of your chest.
Xbox 360XGN
De droom van Eden Games om de beste racegame te maken die er is, is niet in vervulling gegaan. De ontwikkelaar moet juist eens flink wakker worden geschud, want Test Drive Unlimited 2 vertoont duidelijk nog wat mankementen. Online is er ontzettend veel te beleven en het is goed dat Eden Games hier dan ook de nadruk op legt. Kijk je echter naar het racen, waar het toch om draait in een racegame, dan merk je als snel dat dat nog een stuk beter kan. Het is dan ook jammer dat de ontwikkelaar niet evenveel tijd in het racen heeft gestopt als hij heeft gedaan met het online gedeelte van Test Drive Unlimited 2.
PlayStation 3videogamer.com
There is every chance you'll hate Test Drive Unlimited 2. While I've grown to almost love the freedom and sense of exploration, the driving takes a lot of getting used to and the developer's attempt at making the experience cool falls completely flat. Add to that a progression system that doesn't really let you play how you want, forcing you to take part in every aspect of the game's Collection, Social, Competition and Discovery elements, and it seems as though Eden is actively trying to make the experience tedious. For whatever reason, though, it's possible to become hooked, eager and willing to explore the island and collect as many cars as possible. It's just a crying shame that you're going to have to spend a fair amount of time being the egotistical spanner Eden clearly thinks you want to be, paying for countless haircuts, face lifts and fashion lines. Please Eden, next time just focus on the driving.
PlayStation 3PAL Gaming Network (PALGN)
While not quite a lemon, Test Drive Unlimited 2 proves to share a similar fate to its predecessor in that it possesses a host of flaws under its shiny coat of paint that make for one frustrating ride.
Xbox 360GameSpot
The abundance of activities and collectables keep play from feeling like a grind, since there's always something different to do if you tire of one thing. TDU2's not quite got everything--it's a shame the streets are free of Ibizans, and there are no motorbikes to be had. (In addition, a corrupt Xbox 360 savefile might halt your progress, as it did ours.) Nevertheless, the freedom of open-road driving, backed by beautiful landscapes, is like few other games, and the huge, shared world of races and missions can be as addictive as a good MMORPG. The catch is that TDU2 isn't best in any class; it doesn't do any one thing better than a number of more specific, less expansive driving games. It does do an awful lot, though, and won't be kept down by its faults--which are hardly few, but aren't deal breakers either.
PlayStation 3GamingXP
Fassen wir nochmal zusammen: Ein starker Umfang mit über 100 Fahrzeugen und einem gut integrierten Online-Modus (Einladungen via Lichthupe, Casino etc.) steht einer Armee von kleinen Gegnern gegenüber, allen voran die enttäuschende technische Umsetzung. Die Steuerung reagiert niemals wie erwartet, die Handbremse ist sinnbefreit, drei verschiedene Handling-Modi, die keine positive Auswirkung auf das Fahrverhalten haben, sehr lahme Streckensetzung, ein nur optisch vorhandenes, leider hässliches Schadensmodell, schwache Synchronisation bei den Dialogen ... diese Rechnung geht 2011 leider nicht auf. Die erste Testfahrt in „Test Drive Unlimited“ war neu und gut, ohne Zweifel, aber wenn es um „TDU2“ geht, empfehle ich: Belassen Sie es bei einer Testfahrt.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Rennsport bedeutet normalerweise Adrenalinausstoß und volle Konzentration. Wenn ein Tester bei einem Rennspiel also mehrmals beinahe einnickt, lässt das bereits gewisse Rückschlüsse darauf zu, ob die Umsetzung der Faszination Autorennen gelungen ist. Test Drive Unlimited 2 macht an dieser Stelle eine Menge falsch: Die völlig veraltete Technik, die grauenhaften Zwischensequenzen, die oftmals umständliche Menüführung, die schlechte bis nicht vorhandene Umsetzung der Onlinemodi ins Solospiel oder auch die ewigen Fahrtzeiten zwischen einzelnen Meisterschaften. Am schwersten wiegt aber wohl das Problem, dass die Rennen selbst einfach keinen Spaß machen – suboptimal für ein Rennspiel …
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Ich stelle die Behauptung auf, dass die Entwickler Scheuklappen trugen, als sie Test Drive Unlimited 2 entwickelt haben. Anders lässt sich nicht erklären, dass Eden Games alles ignoriert, was sich in den vergangenen vier Jahren im Rennspiel-Genre getan hat. Kein einziges Spielelement ist zeitgemäß, sei es die Gegner-KI, das Missionsdesign, die Fahrphysik, der Online-Modus oder das Geschwindigkeitsgefühl. Selbst wer den ersten Teil mochte, wird anhand dieses geradezu frechen Stillstands (und der Bugs) mehr als ein Auge zudrücken müssen. Greifen Sie lieber zu Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.
In theory Test Drive Unlimited 2 should have been a wonderful experience; a massive open world to race in, luxurious cars and houses to purchase and an always online multiplayer aspect that focuses not only on racing but being social. Unfortunately ideas on paper don't always transcend into greatness, and Test Drive Unlimted 2 is proof of that.
Test Drive Unlimited 2, sans être le MMO référence annoncé, est un titre complet et riche d'un multijoueur que de nombreux jeux de courses peuvent lui envier. En termes de contenu en tout cas, car son instabilité ne plaide pas en sa faveur, malgré une multitude de possibilités et une liberté quasi totale accordée au joueur. Eden Games a mis tous ses efforts dans le développement du système de progression du joueur (extrêmement convaincant). Hélas, le reste a été un peu délaissé. En effet, la réalisation comme le gameplay semblent de leur côté encore en chantier. Mais cela ne devrait néanmoins pas repousser ceux qui attendaient impatiemment de se déplacer à leur guise sur deux immenses maps.
Soyons clairs, Test Drive Unlimited 2 nécessite un temps d'adaptation pour profiter pleinement de ses caractéristiques. Ceci étant, certaines concessions doivent être faites par les joueurs : à commencer par un clipping désastreux, ou plus généralement une réalisation (graphismes et bruitages) datée, dans la moyenne basse des productions actuelles du genre sur nos ordinateurs. Une fois habitué à ces quelques soucis, on dévore avec plaisir le bitume dans des bolides de collection ne demandant que ça. A noter également le mix plutôt réussi de MMO et de jeu de course, le tout sur des routes quasiment sans fin. A défaut d'être irréprochable, Test Drive Unlimited 2 est riche, agréable à jouer et peu exigent envers les pilotes. A essayer avant d'acheter !
PlayStation 3Games Radar
Despite TDU2's lack of realism and a force-fed story-mode, the game does provide an open-world experience that very few titles have succeeded with in the past. Exploring the rich roads of Ibiza and Oahu is an amazing feeling when driving some of the nicest cars in the world and being plugged into a competitive network of racers ready to speed down the coastline makes it even better.
Test Drive Unlimited 2 had promise, but the final product didn't come together for this online racer. I'm a fan of games that give you control of your character's life (see: buying houses, decorating, pimping sweet rides), but the driving is missing the raw energy it needs to stay interesting and the rest of the experience is bug-ridden.
Xbox 360GameSpy
With development teams like Criterion and Black Rock constantly raising the bar, it's unfortunate to see a racing game as passionless as Test Drive Unlimited 2. Ambitious map size and amazing architecture (seriously, some of the purchasable homes are incredible) can't make up for lackluster racing.