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The passion is back! Windows Andy Voss (1633)
Gorgeous but still needs development! Windows SifouNaS (1317)

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PlayStation 2 7 3.7
PSP 3 4.2
Windows 23 3.7
Xbox 360 7 3.9
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If you are looking for a pure driving game without any nitro or car modding and would like to compete against real human counterparts then this game should not be overlooked!
Na pewno, jeżeli tylko pojawi się na wyspie coś nowego tam wrócę. To była fantastyczna przygoda, a autorzy planu mojej wycieczki – firma ATARI odwaliła kawał doskonałej roboty. Zresztą nie pierwszy raz, bo jak wielu z nas wie, spółka robi to już prawie 20 lat! Czekam na nowe propozycje z ich strony, które pozostawią konkurencję z Electronic Arts i jej oferty – NFS, jeszcze dalej. Warto zaznaczyć, że już teraz są to dziesiątki kilometrów. Jedyne, co zawiodło mnie w tej wyprawie, to fakt, że samochody nie niszczą się po zderzeniach.
WindowsGery Gry
Tym niemniej Test Drive Unlimited pomimo swych drobnych wad broni się samo i udowadnia, że jest dziełem wybitnym. Projekt ten oferuje posiadaczom komputerów osobistych przebogaty wachlarz możliwości, pozwalający w pełni cieszyć się zabawą w wirtualnego kierowcę. Przyciągające wzrok auta, piękne kobiety i mnóstwo adrenaliny płynącej z rozgrywki to zestaw, który sam w sobie stanowi sprawdzoną receptę na sukces. Na korzyść owocu prac grupy Eden Studios działa także polska wersja tytułu, w której to CD Projekt umieścił przydatny poradnik oraz miły gadżet w postaci mapy Oahu. Nie sposób więc odmówić.
Xbox 360Peliplaneetta.net
Two legendary brands come together as Atari delivers Test Drive Unlimited. It takes a healthy step away from the dull and repetitive cash-ins that were the previous games, and creates an ambitious, living environment full of sports cars, sunshine and supermodels. The overall feel-good hedonism of the game is catchy, and the open-ended gameplay is really approachable. You can spend hours simply cruising, admiring the scenery and looking for interesting places, or race the single-player challenges to improve your level and garage content. Or you can enjoy what is quite possibly the best track editor in any game for quite a while and upload your challenges. The driving feel is very nice, although the tank-like abilities of your non-destructive car take away from the feeling of immersion. Most Live players' fixation on the class A cars, on the other hand, makes for hours of "grinding" for beginners.
Xbox 360Game Chronicles
Test Drive Unlimited is a bold new vision for what has become a rather stale genre. I had high hopes for this same multiplayer concept with EA attempted it with Motor City Online, only to watch that fail miserably. Now Atari gets it right, by combining a solid solo racing game with a substantial multiplayer component and blending them together so well you can’t really tell when you are playing online or off.
Xbox 360Totally Gaming Network
So, Eden have pulled off almost what they've promised. TDU is a wonderful game with plenty to do, the largest open space even seen in such a game, and with promise of lots of downloadable content it's hopefully a long lasting one. Price issues aside (the game costs nearly three times as much here as it does in the US) Atari have to be commended for supporting the game for such a lengthy gestation period, and we here at Totally360 really hope it pays off. Great stuff.
Xbox 360PlayDevil
There are a couple of flaws in "Test Drive Unlimited", but a speedy resolution has been promised. Other than that, my only issue is the pricing system. However, if you just look at the multiplayer and single player aspects, then you have the best racing game on the 360, one of the best racing games of all time, and a contender for game of the year! It really is in many ways a racing revolution. Buy this game, you will not regret it!
WindowsSpeed Zone
TDU na pewno zasługuje na miano pewnego rodzaju GRY PRZEŁOMOWEJ. Daje graczowi swoiste wrażenie przestrzeni, było nie było 1600km dróg to całkiem spory dystans, a do tego prowadzimy swoje „życie” i nikt nam nie narzuca co i w jakiej kolejności musimy zrobić. Dodatkowym atutem recenzowanego tytułu jest model jazdy, który zdecydowanie przypadnie do gustu zarówno fanom arcade’ówek jak i maniakom kierownic i ostrego realizmu, choć Ci drudzy mogą poczuć niewielki niedosyt…
WindowsGameplay (Benelux)
Als MMO Racer slaat Test Drive Unlimited met succes een nieuwe weg in en laat het een bekende naam weer herleven.
Xbox 360Thunderbolt Games
Despite the story at the start of game urging you to be the best and beat everyone else, Test Drive: Unlimited is more about relaxing, having fun and enjoying the scenery than getting in a sweat at completing every challenge. At first you’ll need to put the hours in to get to a level where you can call a car your favourite and just cruise around online enjoying yourself, but once you’re there you’ll never look back. If you’ve tired of Project Gotham 3, then this is your next port of call.
WindowsAbsolute Games (AG.ru)
Гавайи — не просто популярный климатический курорт, но еще и россыпь всяких достопримечательностей. Архипелаг украшают самый высокий в мире морской утес и самый молодой вулкан, редкие гавайские совы, цветочницы и тюлени, Гавайский вулканический национальный парк, национальный морской заповедник китов-горбачей и съемочная площадка телесериала Lost... В Test Drive Unlimited всего этого не найти, зато в ней есть почти достоверно скопированный остров Оаху, тысячи километров дорог, вереница машин, угрожающая банковским счетам, и призрачная свобода для странствующих автолюбителей.
Kráľ je mŕtvy, nech žije kráľ. Priznám sa, že som nedúfal v takýto skvelý výsledok. Test Drive Unlimited oživil značku Test Drive najlepšie ako mohol. Jednoznačná nutnosť pre všetkých jazdcov, ktorých láka predstava vlastníctva X domov a Y vozidiel na kompletne priechodnom virtuálnom ostrove Oahu. Bravó Eden Games.
Xbox 360GameZone
Test Drive Unlimited manages to deliver a fun racing game that combines a worthwhile single-player experience with an even better online multiplayer mode. While the cars don’t control realistically and motorcycles feel slightly awkward, the wonderful terrain and the entertaining racing challenges make this an Xbox 360 game racing enthusiasts will definitely enjoy.
Overall, if you forgive the fact that TDU is no simulation, there's nothing seriously wrong with the game. The visuals are fine, playability is good as long as you have an analog controller, and there are plenty of things to do. All the game really needs at this point is a bit of post-launch polish - get rid of the remaining occasional crash or two and to get the multiplayer races to actually work as advertised. You do need some serious hardware to run the game properly, but that was mostly a given as TDU is a direct port from the Xbox 360.
Xbox 360videospiele.com
Test Drive Unlimited bietet viel Neues und macht definitiv einen Schritt in eine neue Generation der Rennspiele. Trotz der Tatsache, dass es wirklich eine Menge zu erleben gibt, bleibt man auf dem Teppich und verzichtet auf quietschbunte Spielzeugautos, von denen es in letzter Zeit mehr als genug gab. TDU versteht es, den Spieler dazu zu bewegen, immer und immer wieder die Konsole einzuschalten und weiterzufahren. Selbst ich bin mit meinen inzwischen 3.500 absolvierten Kilometern immer noch angefixt und werde die Konsole wohl gleich wieder einschalten.
Xbox 360PGNx Media
Test Drive Unlimited succeeds in reasonably blending the single- and multi-player experiences into one cohesive package. The game includes a lot of missions, cars, real estate and just about everything you can think of. With more coming stuff from the Xbox Live Marketplace, thus ensuring that you’ll be hooked for a bit longer, it’s easy to overlook the game’s flaws.
Xbox 3604Players.de
Das Konzept von Test Drive Unlimited hat mich vom ersten Augenblick an fasziniert und das Endergebnis kann sich wahrlich sehen lassen! Noch nie zuvor durfte ich in einer derart großen und schön gestalteten Spielwelt cruisen und vollkommen frei die Landschaft erkunden. Dazu kommt die große Anzahl verschiedener Wettbewerbe, Spielmodi und Wagen, die mich stundenlang beschäftigen, auch wenn die Herausforderungen teilweise ruhig etwas anspruchsvoller hätten ausfallen dürfen. Dafür ist das Fahrverhalten mit einer Mischung aus Arcade und Simulation hervorragend gelungen und gibt mit unterschiedlichen Fahrhilfen auch Anfängern eine Chance. Richtig schade finde ich allerdings, dass es Atari bis jetzt nicht geschafft hat, ein störungs- und lagfreies Onlinespiel zu verwirklichen, was mit dem nächsten Patch hoffentlich umgesetzt wird.
Danke Atari und Eden Studios, dass ihr mir die Wochenenden so schön versüßt habt. Mit Absicht habe ich auf die PC-Umsetzung gewartet und ließ die XB360-Version links liegen und bin ziemlich begeistert. Zwar merkt man den Menüs die Konsolenherkunft an, aber das stört eigentlich kein bisschen. Test Drive Unlimited ist ein mehr als würdiger Teil der Serie. Nun hätte ich allerdings gern noch die zusätzlichen Fahrzeuge, die bisher nur für XB360 veröffentlicht wurden.
Habt ihr ein leistungsstarkes PC-System und sucht euch eine kurzzeitige Nebenbeschäftigung während der extrem langen Installation, vermittelt TDU praktisch den gleichen Fahrspaß wie auf der Xbox 360. Das Konzept der offenen Welt mit all ihren Möglichkeiten kann mich immer noch begeistern und es macht einfach Spaß, auch abseits des Renngeschehens die idyllische Insel zu erkunden.
Mit Test Drive Unlimited ist den Eden Studios auch auf dem PC ein richtig gutes Rennspiel gelungen. Der Suchtfaktor ist enorm groß, denn der Ansporn sich wenigstens virtuell einmal einen Ferrari oder Lamborghini leisten zu können, ist doch äusserst hoch. Wer über die genannten Fehler hinweg sehen kann, einen aktuellen Computer besitzt und zudem ein Fan von Rennspielen ist, der kommt um Test Drive Unlimited einfach nicht herum. Denn das Spiel sollte in keiner Rennspiel-Sammlung fehlen!
Xbox 360DreamStation.cc
In the end Test Drive Unlimited is a good racing game sprinkled with some role playing elements and topped off with some pretty good online features including multiplayer. Still, you’ll enjoy some of the more traditional stuff like modifying your car, custom paint jobs and motorcycles. If that’s too boring for you, then you may like the courier missions, speed challenges, and the supermodel hitchhikers (think Crazy Taxi). There’s certainly a lot of game here to discover and getting through all of it and earning all of those achievement points will require a lot of play time, but in the end the experience is satisfying. So, if you’ve already mastered the other racing games on the 360 or you’re looking for something different in the racing genre than by all means take a good look at Test Drive Unlimited because it’s much more than your standard racer.
Xbox 360Extreme Gamer
Test Drive Unlimited has put Atari's racing series back on the map. Test Drive Unlimited goes in some new directions for the racing genre and pulls most of them off flawlessly. The ability to cruise or race, online or offline in a free roam fashion is refreshing and Eden has picked the perfect local in Oahu, Hawaii. Test Drive Unlimited is worth a look for all driving fans, this is one of the year's best. Check it out.
Xbox 360Gaming Target
Overall, Test Drive Unlimited passes with good marks. The annoying police system, relatively lifeless environment and weak engine sounds hurt the illusion of living the dream life but luckily, don’t destroy it completely. The developers also need to work on making it easier to play with friends. But for the world’s first MOOR, I say they deserve an A for effort. The beautiful scenery and exotic cars really do give you a taste of what it would be like to live the life of the rich and famous – at least until you win the lottery.
WindowsPC Arena - Game Arena
Test Drive Unlimited to pierwsze wyścigi, które w sposób nieomal idealny łączą tryb dla pojedynczego gracza i tryb multiplayer. Jednakże, o ile drobne niedoróbki nie sprawią, że część graczy zrezygnuje z sięgnięcia po ten tytuł, o tyle wielu rozważy to, ze względu na innowacyjne podejście do pewnych tematów w grze zawartych. To sprawia, że produkt Atari można albo kochać albo wręcz przeciwnie. Zatwardziali fani serii” Need For Speed” mogą nie odnaleźć się tu zbyt szybko. Gracze bardziej otwarci na nowe, ciekawe, choć nie zawsze absolutnie trafione rozwiązania, z pewnością nie zmarnują czasu sięgając po ten tytuł w sklepie. Ci, którzy zazdrościli posiadaczom Xboxa360 tego tytułu, z pewnością się nie zawiodą, bo mimo czasu który minął, nadal jest to unikalna gra, dla której próżno szukać konkurencji w swojej podkategorii.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Test Drive Unlimited is misschien niet zo heel unlimited als de titel doet vermoeden en af en toe slaat de doelloosheid toe, maar de speelwereld met zijn honderden kilometers tellende wegennet overtuigt en het multiplayerluik is naadloos in het totaalpakket verwerkt.
Xbox 360UGO (UnderGroundOnline)
Overall, Test Drive Unlimited is a fun racing game that doesn't take itself too seriously. With the amount of cars currently available, and the ability to download even more on Xbox Live, TDU should be a no-brainer for those looking to take part in a large online community of racers. While the lack of story progression and damage modeling might take away from the experience a bit, the ability to meet up with other racers on the road within an online world is unlike anything else available at the stores. Even if customizing cars for trade online isn't your thing, there's still an enjoyable day to be had just going for a cruise around this Hawaiian island.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Mit Test Drive Unlimited ist den Entwicklern ein kleiner Meilenstein gelungen. Denn die Möglichkeiten, mit anderen Spielern - egal woher sie kommen - in Kontakt zu treten, sind ebenso groß wie spaßig. Ob ich Gebrauchtwagen tausche, einen Club mit netten Leuten gründe oder knackige Mehrspieler-Rennen kreuz und quer über Oahu organisiere - ich habe einen riesigen Spaß dabei. Und dass das Spiel selbst dann Laune macht, wenn ich nur für mich und ohne Gegner oder eine tickende Uhr die Insel erkunde, muss erst mal ein anderes Rennspiel nachmachen. Allerdings krankt das Spiel an Kleinigkeiten bei der KI, dem Schwierigkeitsgrad und der Bedienung. Das sollte Eden Games dringend noch beheben, weshalb ich erstmal einen Patch abwarte.
Secara keseluruhan, sekuel terbaru Test Drive Unlimited ini membawa nuasa yang baru dalam game balapan dengan memberikan kebebasan yang lebih yang tidak akan Anda jumpai dijudul game balap lainnya. Jadi tidak ada salahnya, Anda mencoba game balap yang menarik ini.
Xbox 360Game Shark
Overall the Test Drive Unlimited offers a good challenge to racing fans with great replayability. The MOOR idea is one that I really like, and the way the game is blended offline and online makes it unique amongst the other racing titles out there.
Xbox 360Game Revolution
Unless you already happen to live in a beautiful tropical paradise with your mansion and fancy cars, take my advice: put on a bathing suit, crank up the heat, pour yourself a frosty rum drink with a little umbrella, queue up some Dick Dale and meet me on the road.
Xbox 360Gamesmania.de
Mit Test Drive Unlimited setzen die Entwickler dort an, wo EA mit Need for Speed Moto City gescheitert ist. Das neue Test Drive ist das erste Massive Multiplayer Online Racing Game und sorgt bei Spielern mit Online Anbindung für spürbar frischen Wind im Genre. Die sonnige Insel ist zudem ein interessanter Treffpunkt für Spieler, bei denen nicht nur Ehrgeiz und Siegeswille im Mittelpunkt stehen, sondern die sich einfach mal auf ein gemütliches Rennen und Gespräche mit Freunden treffen wollen. Wenn ihr dann noch mit den Entwicklern die Liebe zu Auto und Motorrad teilt, könnt ihr die Wertung imaginär erhöhen und solltet den Flug nach Hawaii nicht verpassen!
WindowsGamingHeaven / DriverHeaven
I love it when a great console game gets ported onto the PC, especially when they offering something completely different like Test Drive Unlimited. The ability to have a seamless single and multiplayer experience is a brilliant, creating a game that petrolheads will be addicted to for a long time yet (I’ve already clocked over 85 hours and I’m far from bored). Yes, it has faults, such as a buggy 3D engine and the obligatory requirement of a gamepad or steering wheel but overall, Test Drive Unlimited is still just as fun as it was back in September of last year.
Xbox 360Worth Playing
Those seeking more depth might want to look elsewhere, but they should still give this new style of racing a try. Nothing can replicate the feeling of driving down a straightaway as you race your Ducati against a Maserati, or the sense of awe that overtakes you while watching other racers engage in their own races. Test Drive Unlimited is meant to be played with others, and in that sense, it becomes the first racing game to ever pull off an online mode quite like this.
Xbox 360Lawrence
Test Drive Unlimited is a hugely ambitious title that succeeds in almost every presentation and online element. Unfortunately, the actual gameplay doesn't quite match up to its lofty aspirations. With a little tweaking to the actual driving, this could be a definite must-own for racing fans.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Es tut sich was im Rennspielgenre. Bisher fuhren Sie entweder mit Rennboliden über Rundkurse oder rasten mit aufgemotzten Wagen durch nächtliche Innenstädte. Atari beschreitet einen erfrischend neuen Weg. Die ersten Stunden auf Oahu vergingen wie im Fluge. Die Grafik haut einen vom Hocker, das Radio spielt meine Lieblingsmusik. Sogar MP3s lassen sich einladen. Doch nach mehreren Stunden stellte sich heraus, dass der Einzelspielermodus alleine nicht das umfangreiche Potenzial des Titels zeigt. Nach spätestens zehn Stunden wiederholen sich die Missionen, Sie haben fast die gesamte Insel erkundet und die Rennen gegen die NPCs bringen auch nicht die gewünschte Abwechslung. Bevor Sie zum Spielehändler Ihres Vertrauens stürmen, um Test Drive Unlimited in Ihre Sammlung einzugliedern, machen Sie sich klar, dass Sie im Einzelspielersegment bessere Titel bekommen. Für Online-Spieler existiert derzeit kein besseres Rennspiel!
WindowsComputer Bild Spiele
Wer aber einen leistungsstarken PC hat, kann sich auch auf zahlreiche PS in Hawaii einlassen, die exotische Umgebung und die vielen Online-Funktionen ohne ruckelnde Fahrweise genießen. Und dann wird die Flucht aus dem grauen Alltag am Steuer legendärer Supersportwagen eine "gute" Fahrt.
Xbox 360games xtreme
A fun game that's going to see more appeal online than off, if you're into exotic locales and sports cars, you can't wait for the next Need for Speed and you feel the desire to blow a wad of cash on luxury homes and vehicles - this is the game for you!
Xbox 360Xboxygen
Test Drive Unlimited reste aujourd’hui un jeu agréable à jouer, et qui peut même vous accrocher au paddle pour un bon moment. Il bénéficie de nombreux atouts, mais aussi d’un gros défaut avec une réalisation loin d’être au top de ce qu’on peut trouver sur 360 aujourd’hui. La concurrence pour ce qui est des jeux de voitures est tellement rude que Test Drive va sans doute rester dans l’ombre des jeux plus récents. Si le titre ne vaut plus 70€, il pourrait cependant trouver sa place dans la gamme budget, et si vous pouvez passer outre la réalisation datée (je vous suggère d’essayer la démo sur le MP pour vous faire votre idée, d’ailleurs une partie de la rédaction d’Xboxygen trouve que j’ai la dent dure sur la technique du jeu), il peut être un achat intéressant car son principe est toujours aussi addictif 1 an après sa sortie.
PlayStation 2Softpedia
Test Drive Unlimited is the return of one of the greatest racing titles of all time, but it has arrived a tad too late for this market, saturated with above the average simulators. We've been doing drifts and racing freely for years now... The good thing though is that we're now able to do those things in a multiplayer mode similar to a car-racing version of World of Warcraft. It it weren't for this innovative feature, I really don't know where this title would be now. Not in the driving games top 10, that's for sure!
PlayStation 2UOL Jogos
Por conta das carências desta versão, as edições para Xbox 360 e PC continuam oferecendo a experiência mais completa. Mas quem tem apenas os consoles da Sony pode desfrutar de muitas coisas boas e, definitivamente, ainda vale sentar na cabine de "Test Drive Unlimited".
Xbox 360UOL Jogos
Só pelo esse ineditismo de ser o primeiro game de corrida com um mundo online, onde vários - mas não todos - jogadores se integram, além da relativa facilidade em se acostumar com os controles e ter um ambiente baseado numa localidade real, faz valer o investimento no título. Ainda mais pelo fato de o título ser mais em conta que os outros jogos para Xbox 360. Por outro lado, sem o componente online, a experiência fica bem mais limitada, ainda que as modalidades solo também sejam divertidas, mas, naturalmente, tendem a cansar mais rápido.
Xbox 360Video Game Talk
It's the solid controls and genuine physics thanks to the Havok engine that give each vehicle in the game a unique feel, and make you feel like you are actually driving what the game says you are. The fun of challenging a random player you pass on the highway combined with the joy of starting a club with a group of friends far exceeds the entertainment value that I got from both Burnout Revenge and PGR3. The budget price that TDU launched with only solidifies my rating of Highly Recommended.
Xbox 360XboxAchievements
The sometimes flaky handling stops the game from being a classic, but it’s certainly one of the more enjoyable driving games around. The integration of the multiplayer game alongside the single player section makes it accessible to all players, and the variety of things to do will keep you going for some time.
Xbox 360TTGamer
Test Drive Unlimited has taken a while, but the wait has been worth it. It doesn’t quite reach theheights of “must have game”, but it does give some credibility back to a once popular series. Driving around Hawaii with your mates really shows the online power of the system, plus the single player is enough on its own if Live is not enabled.
A conversão de "Test Drive Unlimited" para o PlayStation 2 e PSP foi uma proeza, pois muito pouco se perdeu. A exploração de uma ilha real continua sendo uma das grandes atrações. No entanto, o modo online ficou sem sua principal característica: a do jogador criar suas próprias corridas, e isso machuca muito a integridade do título original. Ainda assim, fazer um mundo online no PS2 e PSP é digno de aplausos.
WindowsUOL Jogos
Há espaço para melhorias, sem falar da necessidade de algumas correções urgentes. Apesar do ilimitado do título, o game mostra apenas um pequeno grupo de corredores ao seu lado por questões de performance. Para quem não quer esperar mais um dia sequer, "Test Drive Unlimited" é um jogo de corrida sem similar. A única ressalva é para aqueles que já conhecem o original para Xbox 360. Mesmo largando com alguns meses de atraso, a versão para PC de "Test Drive Unlimited" não oferece nada de novo.
Xbox 360Eurogamer.de
Dieser Titel hat zwei große Mankos. Erstens: Es fehlt eine echte Struktur im Einzelspielermodus. Fahrprüfungen, eine Story oder klassische Meisterschaften hätten eventuell Abhilfe geschafft. Zweitens: Die Framerate ist extrem schwankend. Die regelmäßig auftretenden Pop-Ups und einige Matschtexturen, die bei langsamer Fahrt ins Auge stechen, sind dagegen fast schon zu vernachlässigen. Trotz dieser Mängel, die einem Rennspiel normalerweise das Genick brechen, konnte wir uns nicht von TDU losreißen. Warum? Weil es Microsofts Onlinedienst in einer Form nutzt, die in diesem Genre bislang einzigartig ist. Test Drive Unlimited ist in dieser Hinsicht wegweisend und wir hoffen, dass bereits an einem Nachfolger gearbeitet wird. Mit flüssigen 50/60 Frames pro Sekunde, einer besseren Singleplayer-Struktur und einer richtig "tighten" Fahrphysik, wäre hier die volle Punktzahl drin.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme
Test Drive Unlimited is most certainly one of the most ambitious racing games of all time, and it is the most ambitious of the entire series. It has some pretty obscure problems, like incorrect specifications for cars and no control configuration, and only one fifth of the soundtrack is worth listening to. But the rest of it is a pretty enjoyable experience from start to finish, as long as you don’t expect an immense amount of depth. 1000 miles of Hawaiian road is unprecedented. On top of that, being able to integrate your single-player experience with a massively multiplayer online experience is terrific. It's a visually decent game, with a smooth framerate, so it shouldn't bother anyone looking for a nice picture. All in all, Test Drive Unlimited is a good arcade racer that'll keep you busy for a very long time.
Xbox 360GotNext
Bang for your buck. That's what they used to call it. You know, before micro transactions had publishers shipping games where you pay for every car you wanted to drive. Content is king in Test Drive Unlimited. Between the thousands of miles of blacktop to explore (yes, exploration in a racing game!) and the dozens of races, events, time trials, delivery/taxi missions, and unlockable cars (bikes too!) TDU is going to keep you busy this fall.
PlayStation 2Digital Press - Classic Video Games
For a late release title on the hardware, Test Drive Unlimited is a showcase on how far the PlayStation 2 has come since its launch. It does it all, with a unique online aspect, superb graphics, and a fantastic game at its core. This is one of the best racing games you’ll find on the PS2, and given how much competition is available, that’s a statement that has a lot riding on it.
Rough in spots and a bit too casual for some, Test Drive Unlimited nevertheless delivers a truly innovative format and a gorgeous, massive world populated by real people. Now get in and drive!
Test Drive: Unlimited är inte felfritt. Men det väcker upptäckarlusten och är kul. I kombination med att mycket känns nytt och fräscht blir betyget därmed en (svag) fyra.
Xbox 360Kombo.com
Test Drive Unlimited will likely be remembered as an important game in the progression of not only the racing genre, but of online gaming in general. The seamless integration of the single-player component as an invisible hub to the multiplayer experience is an ambitious concept that Eden Studios has executed brilliantly, and one that is sure to be borrowed several times over, and put to use toward several genres. Furthermore, the scale of the game is simply awesome, and the graphics are very well done. In concentrating on the big picture however, it seems as though Eden Studios overlooked some of the basic, integral facets of an engaging racing game, particularly in the area of controls and physics. As a result Test Drive Unlimited isn’t polished enough to be considered a truly excellent racing game, especially relative to the all ready strong line-up of racers on the Xbox 360.
Test Drive Unlimited brings so many things to the table that we’ve been waiting forever to be included in a racing game. From the fact that the entire game world is essentially a lobby for multiplayer gaming to real-world open ended racing, Test Drive Unlimited gives you the option to let your imagination set the course. The game successfully brings the feel of the MMO world to the racing genre making for a unique game. The driving itself isn’t the best around, especially when you get on a motorcycle. Just the way that an MMORPG can be enjoyable without an amazing combat system, Test Drive Unlimited is fun without the greatest driving experience. With a little more polish, some extra customization options, and an improved driving system, you’d have a racer that could compete with the big dogs. Little was changed in the move from Xbox 360 to PC, but it unfortunately appears that some of the buzz surrounding this title has waned making for a smaller online community.
PlayStation 2Eurogamer.net (UK)
But if that's the only major complaint that can be levelled against a game making the difficult backwards transition from next-gen to last-gen then it'd take a sour curmudgeon to describe it as anything other than a roaring success. Such is its sprawling environment and potential for exploration that I've been fighting against the trite soundbite of "Oblivion with cars" for this whole review. Typically, I've been unable to hold back and it's now slipped out, like a dirty bird. Even though it's lazy journalism of the worst kind, it's also a pretty accurate summation of Unlimited's appeal - a game where the journey is just as enjoyable as the destination.
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Even so, TDU is a game you'll probably want to play. As an example of how Xbox Live can be put to use in the racing genre, it's unmatched. Were it not for inconsistent handling, it'd score higher - and even at that it still deserves a lot of credit. It's just that it's up against PGR3, and the thought of how good this would've been with Bizarre behind the steering wheel haunted me throughout. An unfair comment really, since Eden's done bloody well here - but then God always was a bit unfair when it came to Eden.
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Test Drive Unlimited brings so many things to the table that we’ve been waiting forever to be included in a racing game. From the fact that the entire game world is essentially a lobby for multiplayer gaming to real-world open ended racing, Test Drive Unlimited gives you the option to let your imagination set the course. The game successfully brings the feel of the MMO world to the racing genre making for a unique game. The driving itself isn’t the best around, especially when you get on a motorcycle. Just the way that an MMORPG can be enjoyable without an amazing combat system, Test Drive Unlimited is fun without the greatest driving experience. With a little more polish, some extra customization options, and an improved driving system, you’d have a racer that could compete with the big dogs.
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Test Drive Unlimited is a completely different type of car racing game. It still is a car racing game, no doubt about it, but it lives up to the hype of the MOOR (Massively Open Online Racing) genre it has now invented, and does so with aplomb. When playing Test Drive Unlimited, you genuinely are able to do pretty much whatever you like, and (so long as you're connected to Xbox Live) you are pitted in a dual single and multi-player world from the get-go. It is in this blurring of the lines of on-and-offline play, combined with the scope of the environment that you are set in, that Test Drive Unlimited really impresses.
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Loppujen lopuksi TDU:n PS2-versio on vain keskimääräistä laadukkaammin toteutettu autopeli, joka jäänee monelta virtuaalikuskilta kaupan hyllyyn, koska se ei komeista urheiluautoistaan huolimatta juurikaan pursua adrenaliinia. Sellaiseen tarpeeseen sopivat paremmin FlatOutit, Burnoutit ja Need for Speedit. Teho-PC:ttömille ja Xboxittomille sunnuntaisuhareille sitä voi kuitenkin tällaisenaankin suositella.
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Test Drive Unlimited is certainly an interesting title. It tries to do something very innovative and new to the racing genre, and succeeds in some respects. The massively open online racing idea works, but critical portions of the racing and the game itself prevent this from being the next big thing. Atari should be credited for trying something new, but it's hard to excuse the poor execution around the rest of the game.
Test Drive Unlimited tries to bring the offline and online world closer together and even succeeds at moments. Of course, if you've played the game on Xbox360 this version won't have much to offer you. But if you're looking for an a-typical racer that has a unique online system and you haven't tried this game yet, you really ought to.
While Test Drive Unlimited blurs the line between single-player and multiplayer racing better than anything that's ever tried it before, it's not quite a slam dunk. But even with its limitations, Test Drive Unlimited's concept is executed well enough to make it an addictive and interesting racing experience. Unlike the other home versions of Unlimited that have been released recently, the PSP version can't be immediately dismissed if you've played the 360 version, since it's different enough to not quite be the same game all over again, and being able to race around Hawaii against your online buddies while you're on the go (as long as you're near a Wi-Fi hotspot, of course) is really something else. Again, you can't call it the very best version of the game out there, but this is one case where PSP owners most definitely did not get the short end of the console-port stick.
Test Drive Unlimited was originally built around the idea of removing the distinction between single and multiplayer racing. Unfortunately, most of what made that idea so fresh and unique doesn’t hold up well on the PSP. On the plus side, the impressive technology and solid racing make this game worth a look anyways. Driving around Oahu on a handheld is pleasant in its look and relaxing in its feel. The idea of a Massively Open Online Racer didn’t quite come through, but the end result on the PSP is a solid racing game even if it doesn’t match up in terms of content or structure with the PC or Xbox 360.
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While Test Drive Unlimited blurs the line between single-player and multiplayer racing better than anything that's ever tried it before, it's not quite a slam dunk. The game's open-ended mission design belies its purposeless nature, and the whole massively open online racing thing isn't quite as massive as one might be led to believe. But even with its limitations, Test Drive Unlimited's concept is executed well enough to make it an addictive and interesting racing experience. There's nothing else quite like it on the market right now, and though you're undoubtedly going to take issue with a few of the game's peculiarities, there's enough here to make it a racer worth checking out.
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Test Drive Unlimited is without a doubt a fantastic technical achievement and should be commended as such. As a game its certainty one for the good pile, and will provide hours of solid well made driving entertainment on and off line, however having created such an open and immersive world so impressively it fails to build on that potential by not offering the player any real sense of progression or involvement in it beyond simply moving from race to race and buying more cars. Because of that it's not quite good enough to honestly be seen as one of the last great PS2 games, but it is damned close.
So how does one sum up Test Drive Unlimited for the PC? It is such a brilliant concept and in most ways it is executed flawlessly to the point of innovation in the racing genre, but the bugs and issues present in the retail version are so prevalent they simply can't go unnoticed. If you're lucky enough to have a perfect online experience with no saved game corruptions, all without a sign of performance issues, TDU PC is easily a 9/10 or better game that should be played by everyone, but the odds are you won't be this lucky. Hopefully a patch is here soon that can put these issues behind us, as I really want to enjoy TDU PC because as far as arcade/semi-realistic racers go, I don't think there is a game out there with as much potential as TDU, it's just hard to in its current state. If Atari can fix the issues in the near future and maybe do something about the online cheating, then you've got a seriously fun game on your hands with Test Drive Unlimited PC.
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Test Drive Unlimited s'est fait attendre et il a eu raison. Malgré quelques soucis techniques et une jouabilité plutôt classique, il s'impose par son originalité et sa manière de combiner courses et notions de MMO. Il s'adresse à tous les publics et peut séduire un amateur d'arcade ou de simulation même s'il penche évidemment davantage du côté du premier nommé.
Développé avec sérieux, Test Drive Unlimited a profité des quelques mois de développement qui lui ont été accordés pour s'adapter parfaitement au format de poche de la console, sans omettre les bases d'un gameplay très accessible. Un bon point pour la console qui livre une prestation technique très prometteuse.
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Kaiken kaikkiaan Test Drive Unlimited on onnistunut käännös, ja siinä on kaikki olennainen, jota autopeliltä sopii odottaa. Havaiji tarjoaa miellyttävät puitteet ja teitä riittää tutkittavaksi. Keskinkertaisuus, johon Test Drive on ikiajoiksi tuomittu, ei johdu käännöksestä, vaan siitä, että elämys pettää ydinalueellaan. Ajaminen ei yksinkertaisesti ole riittävän hauskaa eikä onnistu herättämään tunteita sen enempää kuin kliinisten, persoonattomien autojen kerääminen. Kyllähän tätä pelaa, mutta paljon parempiakin autopelejä on saatavilla.
TDU s'est fait attendre et il a eu raison. Malgré quelques soucis techniques et une jouabilité plutôt classique, il s'impose par son originalité et sa manière de combiner courses et notions de MMO. Il s'adresse à tous les publics et peut séduire un amateur d'arcade ou de simulation même s'il penche évidemment davantage du côté du premier nommé.
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Test Drive Unlimited , a driving simulation game in a genre only few others can claim to be a part of, provides an original driving experience unlike any other. If you're a car lover, then you're going to drool over the detail and specifications of the vehicles in TDU . Even if you're a casual gamer who happens to enjoy a racing simulation here and there, you'll be able to hop into a car and just cruise. However, should you be questioning whether to purchase the Xbox 360 or the PC version, I'd say go for the Xbox 360 copy, simply because the game was developed for the console first, and then ported to the PC. Test Drive Unlimited is a solid racing game at heart, despite connectivity and stability issues on the PC.
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Compared only to PS2 racers, Test Drive Unlimited is a really impressive title, worthy of a purchase. The content is deceivingly deep and the replay value for fans of the title is excellent. Add in a plethora of mid to high-end cars that you’d love to drive, and an almost infinite track in beautiful Hawaii, and you get a feeling that puts you in racing heaven. But I have to be honest though, Test Drive Unlimited pales in comparison to some of the next gen titles out there and if you have an Xbox 360 or PS3 you may just look elsewhere.
While Test Drive Unlimited blurs the line between single-player and multiplayer racing better than anything that's ever tried it before, it's not quite a slam dunk. The game's open-ended mission design belies its purposeless nature, and the whole massively open online racing thing isn't quite as massive as one might be led to believe. But even with its limitations, Test Drive Unlimited's concept is executed well enough to make it an addictive and interesting racing experience. Of course, if you already played this game on the Xbox 360, the PC version isn't different enough to make it worth looking at. But for PC players who didn't try this on the 360 and are interested in something new and unique in the driving-game genre, there's nothing quite like Test Drive Unlimited on the market right now. Though you're undoubtedly going to take issue with a few of the game's peculiarities, there's enough here to make it a racer worth checking out.
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While Test Drive Unlimited blurs the line between single-player and multiplayer racing better than anything that's ever tried it before, it's not quite a slam dunk. The game's open-ended mission design belies its purposeless nature, and the whole massively open online racing thing isn't quite as massive as one might be led to believe. But even with its limitations, Test Drive Unlimited's concept is executed well enough to make it an addictive and interesting racing experience. Of course, if you already picked up the game on the 360, there's not much cause to do so again. But for PlayStation 2 owners that never got to try the game on any other platform, there's nothing else quite like it on the market right now, and though you're undoubtedly going to take issue with a few of the game's peculiarities, there's enough here to make it a racer worth checking out.
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Today, the franchise has taken the step forward into the next generation, trying to pry gamers away from the likes of Need for Speed and Project Gotham on the Xbox 360. How they plan to do this is through a MOOR (Massively Open Online Racing). Sound interested? Well without Xbox Live Gold, there is no point in even looking at the rest of this review, because Test Drive Unlimited would not be for you. But if you do posses a full Live account, then the term Unlimited does come into play quite nicely.
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It's impressive that Test Drive Unlimited even works in its limited fashion on the PS2. A large portion of what made this game so good on the Xbox 360 have made it over intact and the robust engine still runs quite well with nice graphics and a fluid, streaming world. Unfortunately, features (specifically online ones) have been removed likely due to the limitations of the platform. The whole isn't quite as good as the potential behind it and some may find the lack of direction or features wanting, but the entire package is still strong enough to warrant a look for those that don't have the option of playing it on a more powerful console.
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In the PS3 and 360 era, a lot of PS2 releases can come off seeming like afterthoughts -- a bare bones version of a more quality product. Test Drive Unlimited is a pleasant exception. Sure, if you played the next-gen version, you'll definitely notice -- and miss -- some of things that didn't make the cut here: character customization, motorcycles, etc. But if this is your first look at the game, there's a lot to like. The unique inter-weaving of online and offline play alone makes it worth checking out. Add to that the solid look and the open-ended gameplay and you've got another disc that'll put a smile on current-gen gamers living in a next-gen world.
However, this isn't Burnout, so crashing isn't the focus. TDU is all about driving fast in expensive cars through gorgeous locales and that's exactly what it delivers. It's not a sim, so don't expect GTR2-level realism. It's a game that encourages any car enthusiast to pick up the controller and enjoy it and it doesn't try to beat you up for not having the skills of Mario Andretti. If you want a gorgeous, fun, and easy-to-play racing game to eat up your time, TDU will scratch your itch.
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TDU s'est fait attendre et il a eu raison. Malgré quelques soucis techniques et une jouabilité plutôt classique, il s'impose par son originalité et sa manière de combiner courses et notions de MMO. Il s'adresse à tous les publics et peut séduire un amateur d'arcade ou de simulation même s'il penche évidemment davantage du côté du premier nommé. On aurait aimé un contenu solo un peu plus exhaustif cependant.
Leider konnte die PC-Version nicht das halten, was Xbox 360 und Beta so vollmundig versprachen. Zwar ist die Bedienung auf der einen Seite einen Hauch direkter und einfacher als noch auf Microsofts X-Kiste, die teils heftigen Grafikbugs trüben das Vergnügen jedoch ungemein. Trotzdem hat Atari es geschafft, das Spielgefühl, den Rausch der Geschwindigkeit und das süchtig machende Grundkonzept „nahezu“ verlustfrei auf den heimischen Computer zu übertragen. Kurzum: Realistisch wo möglich, einfach wo nötig – alles zusammengestaucht in einem Spaß bringenden Spielprinzip, das Langzeitmotivation garantiert. Ohne die besagten Bugs wäre die Wertung ein Stück weit höher. Bis ein "notwendiger" Patch eintrifft, bleibt es aber bei der 7.
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If you own a PlayStation 2 and want a solid racing experience Test Drive: Unlimited is about as good as you're going to get with the last generation console. The island of Oahu is a beautiful place and it's full of street races to partake in whether you're online or off. If this game has any flaw it's that it is not quite as polished as the Xbox 360 version and some things went missing in the transition. You could do far worse if you're looking for a racing game but with the next generation upon us taking a step back like this seems a little silly. Recommended if you can't play the 360 version.
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Overall, Test Drive: Unlimited is a good game that gamers who enjoy games from the driving genre. It has a large number of features, for both single- and multi-player modes. While it is not as strong as releases from the Gran Turismo, Test Drive: Unlimited is probably the best driving game out there for portable on-the-go gaming. So, until Gran Turismo for the PSP is released, this game is your best bet for a racing game.
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Det er en skam, at dette spil lider af så mange små fejl. Det har et potentiale, der måske ikke er enormt, men det er der i hvert fald. Det næsten uendelige landskab er en fryd for fans af bilspil, og alle de biler der er til rådighed, samt informationer om selv samme er til at dåne over. Desværre mangler spillet en vis realisme, og man føler at spillet er og bliver en overfladisk oplevelse. Spillet prøver ihærdigt at leve op til specielt NFS: Most Wanted, men det lykkes simpelthen ikke. Det bliver derimod en Most Wanted Light Edition tilsat en ordentlig omgang informationer om alle de forskellige biler og mærker. Der er ingen tvivl om, at ægte bilentusiaster helt sikkert vil kunne bruge flere timer på dette spil, men hvis man vil have et mere dybdeborende spil, så skal man vælge en anden serie at bruge penge på.
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Heldigvis er der noget mere underholdning at hente, når du går online med Test Drive: Unlimited, og begynder at ræse mod de mange andre spillere. Teknisk set er spillet også helt fint med, og grafikken er, bortset fra den manglende fysik og variation, faktisk ganske udmærket. Spillet får dog svært ved at klare sig, i en genre der er kendt for benhård konkurrence, og hvor end ikke et middelgodt spil som Test Drive: Unlimited kan føle sig sikker på succes.
Podsumowując produkt warty zakupu tylko w przypadku kiedy PSP jest naszą jedyną platformą. Inaczej jeżeli bardzo chcesz ją kupić wybierz chociażby wersję dla PC. Gra miała potencjał, ale nie został on wykorzystany.
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Ce qui aurait pu être un hit incontournable ne devient qu’un simple bon jeu. Le style de conduite, dans l’optique de plaire à un large public, ne m’a pas du tout convaincu. Le jeu est techniquement parfait, on aurait juste apprécié un pilotage un poil moins rigide, d’autant que les trajectoires ne sont pas très compliquées à négocier. TDU s’apprécie donc, mais ne s’adore pas. Le jeu est très joli à regarder, mais il n’y a pas grand-chose derrière cette esthétique irréprochable.
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Oahu sieht paradiesisch aus und verbreitet Urlaubsfeeling. Da unternehme ich gerne eine Spitztour. Allerdings nur, wenn ich auch Lust dazu habe. Das gezwungene Erkunden der gesamten Insel nervt mich ebenso wie der ständig nötige Häuserkauf. Als enorm umfangreicher Spielplatz für zwischendurch ist Test Drive Unlimited für mich perfekt. Die erhoffte Rennspiel-Offenbarung ist es aber vor allem online nicht geworden.
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På pappret erbjuder Test Drive Unlimited något nytt till genren och Eden Studios har till viss del lyckats leverera. Att ha en hel ö att köra runt på är naturligtvis riktigt kul och att med Xbox Live kunna se och utmana andra spelare till ett snabbt gatlopp är en höjdare. Men när det väl kommer till kritan skiljer sig inte Test Drive Unlimited alltför mycket från andra bilspel. Ön fungerar mer eller mindre som ett interaktivt menysystem som visserligen är vackert och tilltalande i sig, men det krävs mer för att ett bilspel ska hålla i det långa loppet. Om Eden Studios vågar gå steget längre nästa gång och leverera ännu mer av MMO-känslan kan det bli ett revolutionerande spel, men i dagsläget är Test Drive Unlimited inte mer än ett mycket välgjort och bra spel för bilentusiaster.
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Op een gegeven moment gaat het racen op Oahu toch wel een beetje vervelen omdat je niet echt verschillende uitdagingen voor je kiezen krijgt. Je wilt eigenlijk alleen langer op het eiland blijven om zoveel mogelijk auto’s en de duurste crib te verzamelen. Door het feit dat het op de wegen op Oahu erg rustig is, zal je al snel terugverlangen naar gezelliger en drukkere plekken waar je auto een stuk lekkerder rijdt en er meer competitie voorhanden is. Het PS2-tripje naar Hawaï is dit jaar helaas een stuk minder geslaagd dan het heerlijke reisje dat we vorig jaar gemaakt hebben op de Xbox 360.
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Ja, ich zolle den Entwicklern meinen ehrlichen Respekt, dass sie das MMO-Racing-Konzept technisch auf der betagten Hardware realisiert haben und dabei sogar die Framerate meist stabil halten. Aber warum nur diese extrem vielen Kürzungen? Warum keine Ferraris, keine Motorräder, keine Nebenmissionen wie Anhalter oder Fahrzeugüberführungen mehr? Der Verlust der Klamotten und Accessoirs-Shops ist zwar weniger schmerzhaft, doch waren auch sie Teil der MMO-Erfahrung, da ihr so euren Charakter individuell gestalten konntet. Viel mehr stört, dass euch das Navigationssystem immer wieder in den Gegenverkehr leitet und euch die KI bei jeder Gelegenheit dumm anrempelt – oder selbst ein Opfer des Gegenverkehrs wird. Auch das neue Punktesystem sowie die Sofortherausforderungen können die PS2-Version mit all ihren Mankos nicht mehr davor bewahren, nur noch im Mittelfeld zu landen.
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Once you start getting tired of the exotic scenery, Test Drive Unlimited becomes a bore, causing you to drive faster and get into a lot of accidents. That puts the police on your tail, and once they catch you they'll take your money, or worse, send you to jail. In jail, you'll need to sit there and stare at the screen for a minute of real time. That's right folks, you literally serve time in the game! Who in the hell thought that was a good idea?! The races themselves are not very interesting, and the difficulty takes too long to ramp up. The shopping and customization elements are meant to add depth, but they just make the game feel tedious. I had high hopes for Test Drive Unlimited, but in the end it just bored the hell out of me.