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My favorite adaption of the falling blocks NES Pixelspeech (955)

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Arcade 3 3.8
NES 10 4.2
Combined User Score 13 4.1

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NESThe Review Busters
Seriously, how could I possibly even try to review TETЯIS, it's within the top 5 games ever made and appears in some form or another on pretty much any device with a screen and user input. I had made the joke to Eric back when we were just starting the site that I would review this game and say it was overrated, but it's so simple and so fun that it's basically impossible to do that.
ArcadeThe Atari Times
Like I indicted earlier, the shelf life on this game has been extraordinary, especially with all the incarnations that have popped up since it's inception to gaming platforms throughout the years. This is a severe classic, so simple that the not-so-fancy graphics (mmmm, blocks! None of my furniture looks like this, and it's pretty obvious why!) don't really matter, the controls don't have to be spot-on or anything (but they respond well enough), although the music is actually pretty decent for such an old game. You can also choose what levels you would like to start on, like on Tempest, or you can just start at the very slow beginning (like I usually do) with no bonus, but that just suits me fine, thanks.
NESAll Game Guide
Although widely considered superior to Nintendo's Tetris because of its more attractive graphics and variety of cooperative and competitive modes, Tengen's version is perhaps more famous as one of the company's numerous legal entanglements with Nintendo. Because of the convoluted process surrounding the licensing of the game from the Soviet government, both companies claimed the right to release Tetris for the NES, but a court decision in favor of Nintendo meant Tengen had to stop selling their version and pull it from the shelves. Its subsequent rarity, perceived or otherwise, made it one of the NES' more valuable and sought-after titles.
ArcadePower Play
Einfach toll: Da wird mal ein Automat herausgebracht, dessen Spielprinzip nicht im Töten unendlich vieler Aliens oder Soldaten besteht. Trotz des Alters des Computeroriginals (es erschien vor gut einem Jahr) hat "Tetris" nichts von seinem Charme eingebüßt. Die Zwei-Spieler-Option schafft den zusätzlichen Reiz des direkten Wettbewerbs: Ständig schielen Sie zu Ihrem Konkurrenten, um zu sehen, ob er schon weiter ist als Sie. Die Grafik ist nicht berauschend, auch der Sound geht manchmal auf die Nerven. Kleine Features wie der russische Tänzer zeigen aber, daß mit viel Liebe programmiert wurde. Spieler, die schon am Heimcomputer Tetris gemocht haben, werden viel Freude mit dem Puzzle-Automaten haben. Auch hartgesottene Action-Spieler tun gut daran, sich einmal ein paar Stunden am Tetris-Automaten vom harten Kämpferalltag zu entspannen. Tetris ist auf jeden Fall ein paar Mark wert.
NESThe Video Game Critic
Finally, there are some subtle "rotation positioning" quirks that casual players will definitely not notice but experts probably will. The two-player head-to-head mode is what makes this edition so attractive. Each player can choose his own skill level or handicap, and you can play for score or lines. The coop and computer variations are not an exciting as you might expect. Both players are forced to share the same play area, which is confusing and aggravating when blocks bump into each other. The rarity of this cartridge is subject to debate, but it certainly is pricey. Tengen's Tetris offers more razzle-dazzle than Nintendo, but I'm not convinced it's a better all-round game.
ArcadeAll Game Guide
One of the creators of Asteroids once stated that that game was so popular because people liked cleaning the screen of the floating rocks; he figured that humans must have some innate desire to clean and organize. That theory speaks directly to why Tetris is so popular: people enjoy the challenge of putting those blocks into their proper spots. That's the entire game, and yet they love it.