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So ... many ... falling ... blocks ... Game Boy Kartanym (10772)
It's fun that lasts. Game Boy optrirominiluikus (112)
A classic must-have for the gameboy. Game Boy Jim Fun (222)

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Game Boy 137 4.1
Nintendo 3DS 1 4.0
Combined MobyScore 138 4.1

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Game BoyTotal! (Germany)
Tetris wurde nicht nur eines der erfolgreichsten Videospiele überhaupt und war maßgeblich am Erfolg des Game Boys beteiligt, sondern ist auch das beste Beispiel dafür, daß Grafik und Sound ruhig schlichter ausfallen können und der Spielspaß trotzdem nicht beeinträchtigt wird.
Game BoyElectric Playground
Although we're talkin' moving different shapes around and fitting them into the proper positions, Tetris stands as one of the best videogames ever made. The Game Boy would be the Game Infant without it.
Game BoyCubed3
Tetris is one game that will never be forgotten, no matter how many pretenders to the thrown come and go over time. Sure, there may be some games that have actually managed to improve on the idea, but the original still stands out as one of those revolutionary games. I should not have to tell you to play this, as the majority already will have in some form or other...
Game BoyHonestGamers
If you haven't been able to tell from my dramatics, get with it: Tetris is a compelling phenomenon. It's addicting, and it's unbelievably approachable, like all simple ideas done just right. While any fool can get into it, only a lucky bastard of a genius will keep the mailbox draining when the game speeds up and the water threatens inundation. I have had this game forever, and I still play it. The highest compliment I can pay it: When my bowels call, I go running for Tetris, and the toilet. In that order.
Ursprünglich mit dem Game Boy erschienen, hat sich Tetris auf dieser Plattform der meisten Popularität und Beliebtheit erfreut. Es ist einfach damit zu begründen, dass man seinen Game Boy überallhin mitnehmen und das Spiel in jeder Pause, im Bus oder in der Bahn spielen konnte. Tetris und Game Boy gehörten zusammen wie Pech und Schwefel, das eine ohne den anderen war und ist undenkbar. Dieses meisterliche Spiel verdient die volle Punktzahl und gehört einfach in jede gepflegte Game Boy-Sammlung!
Game BoyNintendo Life
There's no denying that Nintendo obviously knew what they were doing when they made the decision to create and pack in a Tetris title with their brand new portable system. Not only did the game appeal to gamers, but it was also a title that could draw in non-gamers as well and take advantage of the Tetris craze that was still in full force at the time. Bullet-Proof Software did a magnificent job of creating a Tetris port that features enough playability for more seasoned players, but offered up a simple enough experience for people of all ages to be able to enjoy. While there have been countless ports of this addictive puzzler made available for just about every electronic device in existence, this original Game Boy release remains one of the best and a title no Game Boy fan should be without.
Game BoyVideoGame
Tetris já é conhecido dos amantes dos games Nintendo, e está disponível também para Game Boy. E, como em todas as versões deste empolgante game, seu objetivo será organizar as figuras geométricas que cairão em um poço de modo a completar uma linha horizontal.
Game BoyVideo Games
Tetris wird Euch auch im nächsten Jahrtausend noch an den Game Boy fesseln.
Game BoyPower Play
... Ein Mordsspaß! Tetris war schon immer ein prima Spiel.
Game BoyComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Tetris has come a long way since its conception in Russia, and even now retains its hellishly addictive qualities. Buy it or feel very silly.
Digne de bien des superlatifs, Tetris peut déjà se targuer d’avoir créé un genre à lui seul. A sa suite, de nombreux autres jeux s’appuieront sur l’idée de pièces à manipuler et à empiler. De nos jours, Tetris sur Gameboy reste toujours le quatrième jeu le plus vendu de tous les temps, et le succès de la console portable restera à toujours intimement lié à celui du jeu. Sa simplicité entièrement tournée vers le plaisir de jouer en fait un modèle fondamental pour tous les concepteurs de jeux vidéo.
Game BoyNintendojo
This is the original Tetris, the one that made it all famous! The first of the long line of games to use pieces made of four squares and clearing 10 spaced lines with them. What more could you ask for? It’s already portable.
Il gioco è diventato una pietra miliare unicamente grazie alla sua geniale struttura, unica e immediata; questa conversione per la piccola 8-bit Nintendo poi, è assolutamente da premiare considerando le caratteristiche della console. Inestimabile.
Game BoyDigital Press - Classic Video Games
If you don't already have Tetris for your Game Boy system, you need to get it. It's as simple as that. It's a classic that seems tailor made for the system.
Game BoyMegablast
Grafisch sieht Tetris natürlich zwangsläufig nicht eben umwerfend aus, wenngleich Highscore-Anwärter immerhin mit kleinen Gags wie z.B. einer startenden Rakete belohnt werden. Auch die drei anwählbaren Musikstücke sind ganz nett, können jedoch kaum mit der Genialität des Gameplays konkurrieren – aber wer oder was kann das schon?
Game BoyThe Games Machine (UK)
Using the networking cable you can link Game Boys with a chum and battle it out. The great thing here is that as one player completes a couple of lines, an extra line is added to the opposing player! This style of Tetris can only be played on the Game Boy and the fabbo arcade machine. And there you have it: Tetris on the Game Boy - it's free and it's fab!
Game BoyElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
The perfect portable game. Believe it or not, the GameBoy version has the best play of all the versions. The two-player Video Link is good, but a cooperative option (like in the Tengen version) would have been very nice. Be warned, Tetris is VERY addicting!