Tetris Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Game selection mode
Preparing to resume the game
Simply dropping any piece in the game

iPad version

Loading Screen
Main Menu
Select level for Marathon mode
Stacking some blocks
In Magic mode you have requirements and items
Complete the goal and unlock the next level
Level complete
Unlock new items to help you along
"Loading screen" for Tetris with the "30th Anniversary"
The lines drop with any piece.
It is about to get "Tetris" drop for only four lines!

iPhone version

Tetris logo intro.
Main menu.
Marathon mode's level selection.
If you're new to the touch screen controls, or new to Tetris in general (where have you been?), tutorials are available all the time.
Ah, if it isn't my old friend Mr. Sitting to the right block.
Setting up for a 'Tetris'.
The blocks go flying as you clear them out.
Hm, in a bit of a pickle with this one.
Magic mode, a combination of completion requirements and special abilities.
I 'could' write something funny about this one ... but I'll restrain myself.
One of the first magic items, with a tutorial option to tell you all about it.
Drop or clear blocks, and the minimiser will appear on the left. Tap it to activate.
The little iPhone appears to tell you how to use the item, in this case, pinching to change its size.
Ta-da! The block changes into a tiny one piece block.
Also handy for making unusually entertaining moments our of boring packing.
The bubbles appear only for a brief time, so pop as many of them as possible.
Just like marathon, the speed of the blocks increases as you go.
Shake the iPhone to turn the blocks into your own attack device.
Yes, Yes! Kill the blocks. Kill them all!
The crayon allows you to create your own Tetris block at any time, just by drawing on the screen.
More points are rewarded the fewer magic items you use per level.
The further along you go, the more difficult the level requirements, but new items such as this hammer improves the odds.
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