TFX Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen
Create New Pilot
Main Menu (TFX for AMIGA was finally released in 1997 as a part of CU AMIGA magazine. No changes were made to the program since 1995 so the game was still BETA version and little buggy but playable).
Fly over the Airfield
The voice of the computer tells me to turn right - missiles are incoming from 10 o'clock
The gear is up and ready for landing.
We are hit...
...but we don't give up
With the cannon we try to hit the airplane
The map
Another hit and the plane goes down. The computer voice says "Ejected, ejected"
Fly over the target: a radar station
Aiming at the radarstation.
The GBU bomb flies
and flies...
...and it hits. I haven't found the key to lock target view for ground attack.
Uh oh Bingo fuel. Computer voice says...
...ejected, ejected.
And the plane crashed.

DOS version

Title Screen
Main Menu
In-game shot - 1 (in the cockpit)
In-game shot - 2 (ejected!)
In-game shot - 3 (external view of your plane while it is flying)
You did your best!
EF 2000 external view [F6]
F-22 external view [F6]
A squad of Mig-21
Enemy plane locked
A AGM 88 rocket hit a radar station
We┬┤re hit !
No luck ... our pilot hit the ground
Refueling ( cockpit view [F3] )
Refueling ( Refueller camera )
Refueling ( external view [F6] )
Training Location: Miramar
Miramar hangar / airfield view
Miramar Offices
The commander looking as happy as he can, welcoming you to the school...
...but if you disappoint him, this frown will be what he gives you.
The class in session. The pilots are expected to be able to fly already, so the training is not basic flying, but straight into simulated battle.
Another appearance of our enthusiastic commander/instructor.
For some reason we are now alone, arming our plane from a laptop.
I don't recognize the model, it must be obsolete with that trackball.It did emerge out of the desktop, so who knows, a retro-futurism from -93 perhaps?
First training mission is a 1vs1 against a Mig-21, better pick some AA missiles.
AIM 9S is a short range heat-seeker, good for finding an enemys backside. Possible pylon locations for it are marked red.
The position of the load-up has weight and inertia limits, here we have only eight missiles with the heavy ones on the outer pylons.
Clearing pylons to reconfigure load. The missiles get loaded & cleared in pairs to get a symmetrical load.
A better load: ten missiles, with the heavy stuff in the middle.In addition to the missiles we also have a built-in cannon, not shown.

PlayStation version

Post boot up
Start up Demo - 1 (Our plane is taking off from carrier)
Start up Demo - 2 (Took of from carrier, nice camera angle)
Start up Demo - 3 (Over the clouds, sky is bright!)
Start up Demo - 4 (Prepare to release missile)
Loading screen
Roster screen (Create new pilot or load existing one)
Main menu
Arcade - 1 (Arcade, Level 1 Intro)
Ingame shot (Cockpit view)
Ingame shot (External View - Behind. Look at those hi-res 3D model!)
Training - 1 (Section briefing)
Training - 2 (Post mission briefing)
Training - 3 (Mission briefing)
Training - 4 (Our laptop)
Training - 5 (Our assignment desk)
Lil' accident
Being attacked
"Are you sure that "being attacked" shot isn't an emulator error or something?"
Flash Points mode
The Doomsday Ship
Inside the ship
The South American Drug War
Night mission
The end