Theme Hospital Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Loading screen
Title screen.
The board shows mission progress.
First mission.
GP's Offices ready for first patients.
We need a nurse...
First patient.
New condition discovered.
Our staff.
A map.
The cure for invisibility is ready.
Progress chart.
VIP in the building.
Hospital policy.
You must cure 33 more patients to get to next level.
Research panel.
Bank manager.
One of the patients is dead.
Surgeons in action.
A special secret level

Windows version

Title Screen
The map that shows you in what level you are in the game...
Guess who is sitting in that bench! (from the opening intro, the very beginning)
A familiar video game! (from the opening intro)
And guess who's playing that, our -hero- doctor! (from the opening intro)
I wonder what does this doctor is thinking about his patient (from the opening intro)
They throw him out! (from the opening intro, the end
Main Menu!
The very beginning--your first game (in-game shot, high resolution)
We're about halfway to winning this level! (in-game shot, high resolution)
Choosing our staff (in-game shot, high resolution)
A part from a not crowded hospital! (in-game shot, high resolution)
Staff listing (in-game shot, high resolution)
Bank Manager -- if you don't have enough money, you should talk to him (in-game shot)