Theme Park Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
Starting out with the tutorial.
To build just tap an empty spot.
Construction in progress
Spend a ticket to avoid waiting.
Level up
Visitors entering the park.
The game is full of IAPs.
The bouncy castle - tap the screen to make it go faster.
All rides and shops can be upgraded.
New ride unlocked.
Construction menu - some buildings cost money, others tickets.
A shop that needs restocking.
New territory unlocked.
When expanding, you pick a new theme.
I chose the candy land theme.
Zoomed out view
The head office of the park
Spinning cups
Ferris wheel
Star shows the ride has been upgraded.
Staff can be hired.
Quest log
You can also hire mascots - here's the chicken man.
The organic future theme
The ride has broken down.
This trash can needs to be emptied.
Tap on the ride to collect its earnings.
Fall in the Forest
Hedge maze
The bunny hopper
Rocket ride
Tree house