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    Think Quick!

    Ages 7 & Up

    "An exciting and very motivational program that enhances many areas of learning, including problem solving and decision making." - Judy Cato, Teacher, Ophir School

    "... the best program I have ever played." - Kellie I., 3rd grader
    A Thrilling Race Through Mystikar Castle
  • Secret panels, magical objects, maps, clues, Slime Worms and an enchanged Knight all add up to a delightful exploration for children.
  • A race against time to reach the Golden Tower motivates young players to Think Quick! and make fast, accurate decisions.

    Valuable Educational Features
  • Think Quick! has been designed by educators to develope important thinking skills including:
    - Problem solving
    - Decision making
    - Creative thinking
    - Logical reasoning
    - Spatial and visualization skills
    - Observation and analysis

    Compare ... No other game offers the rich learning value and the endless hours of fun that Think Quick! provides.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76520) on Jan 01, 2003.