Robinson Crusoe Screenshots (Thomson TO)

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Thomson TO version

Robinson has found himself on an uninhabited island
Predators inhabit the island
Swimming to the shipwreck in a distance
Transporting the goods from the shipwreck to the beach on a hand-made raft
Selecting the goods to be taken
Making a cave in the mountain
Caught wild goats became farm animals
Selecting what to do next in the cave
Making a candle
Petting the parrot to be trained to speak
Relaxing in the cave
Saving the dog
Keeping most valuable things
Cannibals have visited this island
Scaring the cannibals and meeting their victim
Choosing what to do with dead bodies and alive person, who was name Friday
Trying to teach Friday everything
Selecting what to teach Friday next
Friday became dressed, feed, and trained
Encountering a ship near island's shores
A boat is heading straight to the beach
Deciding what to do with a mutiny
Eliminating the enemies on the island
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