Thrash Rally Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Mode Select.
Machine Select.
Round 1.
Start of the round.
Lap completed.
Bend warning.
Fourth position.
Couple of bends ahead.
Down to sixth position.
Stage times.
Round 2.
Start of the next round.
Tarmac to dirt road.
Bend ahead.
Crossing a river.
Driving through the water.

Neo Geo version

Title screen
Race selection screen
Car selection screen (Dakar race)
The race is about to start
You're much more vulnerable on your bike in crashes.
I've run out of time... so close near the finish line!
Championship standings
Whoops, that mess to the right is all that is left of an elephant.
In pursuit of an endless amount of opponents.
The game zooms out when jump over a hill.
From snowy fields to the desolate desert...
Arrows appear to help you with turns.
Crashing my sand buggy