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PlayStation version

Title screen
Choosing a hero
Greedy little princess :)
Isn't she cute? :))
Mint's language is at times really colorful!
Bad guys
Getting a quest in the town of Carona
In a shop
You wouldn't expect theology in this game, huh? ;D
Alone in the forest
Those fishes have seen better days! ;))
Claire, the girl Rue has to revive
Playing as Rue
Rue and Mint on a ship
This is a monster coin. Eating it will allow you to transform into a monster
Rue, transformed into a pollywog, fights a plant in the swamp
Fighting both a pollywog and a sabre tiger
Klaus, his wife Mira and their daughter Elena
Fighting things in a canyon
This pool restores your HP
The gargoyle puzzle
In front of a magic atelier
Boss battle
Hmm, an interesting vault...
Mint is not always polite...
You can sell your monster coins
Rue in a dungeon
Hacking things in the dungeon