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DOS version

Main Title/Main Menu
Your 'girlfriend', Emi, going through tough times for her.
When it comes to cooking, nobody's better than Yuki.
Oh boy, did I fall for this... it costed me through out the rest of the game.
School nurse helps students, and sometimes give them even proper... uhm, education.
For peeking like this, you can only expect a door to slam in your face. It was worthy, though.
When your gal's angry, then you'll know everything's okay.
Following Yuki, you ended in some kinda pub... I wonder what business does she has here.
It never ceased to amaze me how graphic could look this beutiful in only 16 colors. Hmm, guess Yuki does have a second-hand job.
Your brother with your school teacher. Hmm, will you tell her he's just playing her for a fool?
Of course, as soon as he got rid of his 'fiancee' (your teacher), he's playing a double-edged sword.
Your girlfriend always keep distance, but as soon as her younger sister grabs you by the arm, she goes furious. Does that speak for itself? :))
Risa seemed to forgot her homewok at school. Guess you'll have to accompany the youngest.
Risa's b-day party will start pretty fine... but end kinda miserable.
So much for b-day party. Your brother just knows how to mess things up.
This is obviously a hentai game, but it wouldn't be proper to post on MobyGames what happened afterwards.
Actually, you have two choices in this game... to sleep with all, or just with the one you love... and when you must. This is a no must.
If anyone deserves a kiss, that's your lady, and your lady only :))
The only way to enter your brother's company building is to outsmart the guard. Don't judge by the look, with clothes on, she's lethal.
This is actually a torture to get the code for the elevator. No fun included... well, not intentionally anyhow.

PC-98 version

JAST logo
Title screen
Outside of the sisters' house
Talking to Yuki
Jealous sisters...
School corridor. Typical menu
The foxy teacher
The tomboyish nurse
I really like gymnastics, did you know that?..
Oh, sorry, I see you are busy here... let me help!
Your brother is having sex with your teacher
Meeting Risa at night
Hero's room. Lots to think about...
It's party time!..
...but the party doesn't end well
Romance, romance...
...which develops...
...and develops!..
Intimate conversation in Yuki's room
Come on, don't be shy!