Thud Ridge: American Aces in 'Nam Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Copy protection
Main menu
Choose your rank
Paris Prevention?
What would work best to destroy an airhead?
Taking off at night
The other mission was just one ho
Taking off
On the coastline
Over the sea

DOS version

Title Screen
Background for credits
Rank description
Weapons selection
At the airfield...
Running the Ridge
Near the bridge...
Building at the ground
Mission Summary
Hall of Fame
Title screen (CGA)
Setting the game difficulty. (CGA)
Mission briefing (CGA)
Selecting the armament for my F-105. (CGA)
Taking off. (CGA)
I'm on the way to my target. (CGA)
Four Vietcong MiGs approaching! (CGA)
Attacking the Paul Doumer Bridge. (CGA)