Advertising Blurbs

From the Back Cover:
    Put yourself in the pilot seat of this multi-role helicopter Gunship employing state-of-the art technology and fire power.

    Experience the fastest 3D graphic system yet to appear on home computer. From the amazing animated intro to completion of your first mission, Thunderhawk is guaranteed to offer you 100% hands-on action.

    Game features:

    - Simulation of smooth, high speed and low level flight. - Flight control, weapon select and targetting are all mouse controlled for complete ease of use.

    - Extensive briefing and debriefing to allow you to monitor how your campaign is progressing.

    - Rewards for successful missions.

    - Real night flying missions incorporating night sight vision.

    - Constant attack from incoming bogies: MIG-29's; SU-25's; HIND-A's; HOKUM and many more surprises.

    - Scaled playing area of over 8000 miles.

    Contributed by Chris1980 (6386) on Aug 24, 2003.