A-Maze-Ing Ad Blurbs (TI-99/4A)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Manual:
    A maze of corridors looms before you. You play a mouse who
    must escape the maze before the dangerous cats pounce on
    you! But the maze is filled with delicious cheese to tempt
    you and obstacles to hinder you. Your safe passage through
    the maze depends upon your ability to develop your skills
    and strategy.

    A-MAZE-ING offers you four types of maze games for one or
    two players.
    • Escape Maze -- A race through the maze for the
      exit. You race against the clock or another player as
      you try to find your way through the maze.
    • Cheese Hunt -- A race against the clock for one
      player. You move through the maze, eating ten
      randomly-placed pieces of cheese as you try to reach
      the exit.
    • Competitive Cheese Hunt -- A race between two
      players to devour ten cheese pieces. You compete
      against another player as you try to eat five
      pieces of cheese and race for the exit.
    • Competitive Cheese Hunt -- A race involving two
      players who work together to eat ten pieces of
      cheese placed randomly in the maze. You both race
      against the clock as you make your way through the

    The A-MAZE-ING Command Module has over 5,000 possible
    mazes with varying degrees of difficulty that keep the game
    constantly fresh and challenging.

    Adds 6k bytes of active memory with stored
    program to your TI Home Computer.

    Contributed by PaganKitty69 (254) on Aug 05, 2009.

Front of manual:
    A challenging combination of maze games to test your strategy
    skills. Race against time through increasingly difficult mazes filled
    with tempting cheese, towering obstacles, and devious cats!

    Contributed by PaganKitty69 (254) on Aug 05, 2009.