Car Wars Ad Blurbs (TI-99/4A)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Manual:
    Enjoy the excitement of high-speed racing, combined
    with the challenge of out-maneuvering a canny
    opponent, as you pit your speed and skill against the
    computer in this challenging, fast-paced game.

    With the Car Wars module, you try to:
    • Score points by clearing as many dots as possible
      from the lanes.
    • Avoid the computer's yellow car.
    • Obtain extra cars by clearing all the driving
      lanes on the display.

    In addition, various levels of difficulty allow you to
    add even more excitement to the Car Wars action as
    your skills increase.

    Movement on the screen can be controlled by the
    Wired Remote Controllers or from the keyboard.

    Adds 6K bytes of active memory with stored
    program to your TI Home Computer.

    Contributed by PaganKitty69 (254) on Aug 06, 2009.

Front of Manual:
    It's your car against the computer's in this exciting race!
    Score points by out-maneuvering the computer's car as it
    tries to run you off the track!

    Contributed by PaganKitty69 (254) on Aug 06, 2009.