The Tick Screenshots

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Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Chapter one
Get ready!
Fighting on a bus
No, you don't fight those flying stars, you big blue guy. You avoid them!
Who's behind me?!
Another interesting sub-plot...
Fighting on the broad roof
Sometimes a buddy will help you
Chapter two
I need to go to the toilet
What did you say? Chainsaw?
Let me just look at that chest of yours...
Fighting ninjas on the lawn
In a hospital ward. Holding a wheelchair - one of very few objects that can be picked up and thrown at enemies
Boss fight
Finally a change in enemies
Fighting gangsters outside of a bank. Note the power-up on the ground
In a restaurant. This particular helper is not helping at all
In the woods. Throwing a rock at enemies
Jumping around
In a lab
Fighting a boss who has a chair for a head
And now we're fighting clowns in a sewer
Hitting a clown with a combo
This boss is a cake (literally)
Jumping on boats
This is the only stage that has decent multi-layer scrolling
And finally we need to kick aliens
Alien boss
Intro shows many allies and enemies

SNES version

Title screen.
Menu screen.
Introducing the first chapter...
Intro presents all major heroes and villains
Ninjas on a bus
A fragment of jumping animation
Subplot title card
Hitting one familiar Clarke
Called Arthur for help
A fight on a hospital roof
In ninja realm
Boss of the ninja world
Sometimes a dude may fall from the sky and hit you (or enemies)
Chapter six title card
Fighting gangsters in the kitchen
Strategic use of a level hazard...
Tick can throw rocks, but they are too rare
On a slope
In a cave
Balancing on the rope - one of very few moderately entertaining moments
Trying to shut down Chairface Chippendale's deadly machine in his secret lab on the Moon
Kicking some clowns
A bomb-throwing clown inside the cake
On a motor boat
Clowns on a beach and a portal
Kicking aliens
Alien boss