Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The great man himself. This is displayed when the game loads. After a few seconds the player is prompted to press the START key to begin the game
After displaying a load of licensing information and a close up of the great man himself, the game finally gets to the main menu screen
One of the options from the main menu is Game Face which allows the creation of a custom player. There's a limit of eight characters in the name though
Lots of detail on the custom players can be tweaked, clothes, hair, eyes, teeth etc. This option allows the player to create their own logo and place it on the clothing
Golf isn't just a simple game. There are six kinds of game on this screen and by scrolling down three more can be seen
There are quite a few tutorial sessions to choose from
The tutorial sessions are short animations showing how each shot is played. However there is no opportunity here for the player to practice the shot.
When playing a match the player is treated to a fly-by of the hole. This is the first hole at Pebble Beach
After each hole has been completed the score sheet is shown. A hole will be terminated automatically if the maximum number of shots allowed is exceeded

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Tiger Woods putting.
Tiger Woods
Official scorecard
Tiger Woods watching where the ball is going.
This is your target. Put the ball in the hole.
Far above the golf course
Golf ball in the air
The flag shows where the hole is.
Long grass is not a good thing for golfers.
Tiger Woods from below
Season preview window
You have a PDA.
Course selection screen
Golfer selection screen
The golf tournament begins.
Your caddie has a notebook.
Game face mode. Tiger checking his back.
Your resume screen
Loading screen
Tiger Woods practising.
PGA Tour Mode
PGA Tour Calendar
Golf course fly-by