Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 Screenshots

Windows version

Welcome screen
Main menu
Loading screen
A good approach to the green.
An Eagle on a Par 4. What a shot!
Record book
Trophy case
There are lots of game types to choose from.
Creating your character. Not up to par of PGA 2004 yet.
Once you create your character in career mode the character will come up as the hero of the career menu.
Selecting a course to practice on.
Happy takes a shot at Pebble Beach.
As always the camera reacts and follows the ball if you want.
The career calendar. Here's where you get to see your upcoming matches etc.
Lining up a shot gets much more edgy with all these people watching me.
Your opponent never leaves the field even if they're not involved in what's happening.
As you approach the hole the grid starts to appear depending on the terrain.
The putt camera
The putting grid helps you determine inclines.
Match scores
My opponent John is about to land in a sand trap.
John tries to smash it out of the trap but fails.
A great shot will get you a letterboxed replay.
I won the match and got some money.
I was challenged while practicing. I wasn't counting on this crap weather.
I lost the challenge.
You can pay some money and get lessons.
The lessons offer special greens.
Teeing off at sunset.