Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game starts with an animated sequence. initially this shows previous golfing greats but as it progresses it becomes more of a dance routine
The start screen
The game's main menu
The default controller configuration

Windows version

The game's title screen
The Main menu
The game has lots of configuration options to customise the look and feel. These options can also be accessed during the game
This is how Tiger Woods is set up on the game.
One of the first player lessons is in driving.
The arrow that aims the shot is dragged into position with the mouse
The shot is made by moving the mouse back and forward
On the tee practicing driving off
This is a custom player created for these screenshots. She moves well and looks good in the practice sessions but not so good later
In practice mode the player repeats the same shot again and again until they decide to 'Follow' at which point their player is positioned ready for the next shot
The menu button in the lower left has a 'Find The Flag' button that can be very helpful at times.
The ball hit the trees on the way to the pin, lousy shot but it shows how good the scenery is
The game has a number of short challenges that are locked at the start of the game
As an amateur player only certain, comparatively low paying, tournaments are available
This may be a feature of my system but the player that was created in the game and which looked good in previous shots on the practice green looks awful when used in a tournament
Players can earn money in a tournament even if they don't win
Money is important as it is used to unlock game features such as lessons and clothing
New players are created via the Change Profile option on the main menu. Other players provided by the game are also accessed via this option
There are lots of options to customise when creating a new player, fortunately there's an optional walkthrough to help. Some items are locked at the start of the game
The player starts with some cash and hopefully earns more by playing well. Cash is needed to buy in-game items such as these lessons on game play
The player starts with 500 Legend Coins and can earn more. These are used to buy golf courses that the player can customise
The course customisation screen.
Some changes can be applied to individual holes, others such as weather are applied to the whole course
When creating a course the player can change the quantity and colour of the trees and other vegetation
The game can, or could be, be played on-line. Whether the on-line component of the game is required is a decision the player makes when the game is installed

Xbox version

Main menu
Initial course flythrough
The rather comprehensive tutorial mode
Hitting from the sand trap