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Tiger Woods PGA Tour (Nintendo DS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour Credits

Developed at EA Canada

Executive ProducerWarren Wall
ProducerDavid McCarthy
Technical DirectorRichard L. Seaborne
Lead DesignerNick Ferguson

External Development Team - Sensory Sweep

Technical DirectorDavid M. Rushton
Project ManagementTony Rushton
Production SupportChris Rushton, Rico Lujan
Lead ProgrammerDon Milham
Programming TeamRyan Anderson, Josh Jones, Ryan Robinson, Josh Sutphin, Lynn Wallace
Additional ProgrammingChris Howick
Lead ArtistChristian Wright
Art TeamGrant Heath, Dave Kemker, Jenna Kemker, John Kilbourn, Rhaelene Lowther, Nicole Mott, Kim Passey, Glen Schultz, Brian Taylor, Rachel Wright
Audio LeadJason Perkins
QA TeamDarrel Cameron, Chase Carter, Donn Gjere, Ricardo Godina, Devon Hargraves, Michael Hathaway, Emily Rushton

Testing Team

Project ManagerMartin McQueen
Team LeadMichael Kerr
TestersStephanie Blakey, Chris Dryden, Glenn Dyck, Steven Howie, Jason Marshall, Chris Solilo, Tyler Storla, Vivian Tan-Ng
Localization ProductionEve Mah, Anthony Perrella
Localization TeamBruno Amata, Martin Böcking, Eve Cabanel, Dimitri Delattre, François Louvel, Reinhard Told
Localization CoordinationDaniel Alcázar, Annette Bazin, Thiery Fleurent, Hervé Mathieu, Bernd Niemietz, Florian Vanino

Marketing and PR

Marketing DirectorMatt Bilbey
Product ManagerJames McDermott
Marketing TeamAmy Bartlett
Public Relations TeamTammy Levine

Business AffairsPenelope Cruz, Brian Hupp
EA LegalSue Garfield, Michelle Manahan, Alicia Truby, Samantha Zhang
Special ThanksIdries Hamadi, Aryan Hanbeck, Daniel Kennett, Garrett Knights, Julia Knot, Chad McFarlin, Sam Player, Brad Porteous, Jessica Robinson, John Schappert, Gordon Wang
Score Composed, Arranged and Produced byBT and Binary Acoustics
Additional Production, Programming and Engineering byMichael DiMattia, Carlos Vasquez, Brian Trifon, Danny Patterson, Curtis Fallis, Leaha Fallis (of Burufunk)
All appear courtesy ofBinary Acoustics
Package Cover PhotographyDylan Coulter

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