Time Crisis Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Game Mode.
Stage 1.
The hero.
Shoot them.
Hiding behind the crates.
Man on his own.
Caused an explosion.
Men with shields.
More men to shoot.
Another explosion.
Area 1 clear.
Jump to the platform.
Watch that hook.
Being shot at behind you.
Ambush round the corner.
Keep shooting.
Attacked by the door.
Area 2 clear.
Looking outside.
Much more dangerous men against you.
Man on bonnet.
Helicopter to shoot.
Close up.
Me coming towards you.
Car coming towards you.
Explosions around you.
A big gun to destroy.
Blow up the gun.
Another big gun in the background.

PlayStation version

The hero
Main menu
Options menu
Emblem of Kantaris
Special mode
Hotel lobby taken over by terrorists.
The main villain
Rachael, the heroine
Arcade mode
Area 1 start
Crates and grunts
Huge explosion
Riding the lift.
Shooting down the bad guys.
Castle dinner hall
Parking space
Grenade-chucking enemy
A new enemy
Dying enemy
Grunt shooting from a platform.
Top of the stairs
Crowded passage
Time trial mode
Three turrets