Time Gate: Knight's Chase Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Part of the animated intro
Rotating Infogrames armadillo
Title screen
Options screen
Shocking battle
You read the plaque of an eerie museum of the middle ages, and your starting point in the game.
Exploring one of the museum's rooms, early in the game.
The enemy
This chap looks like Darth Vader, sounds like him too.
Battle difficulty level
Sound and music volume
Two old men
Inventory and actions menu
Museum map
Nothing important there
Japanese TV crew
Up-close with the main character
Ticket office
A lovely small catapult
The enemy teasing.
Magnetic card
Visible laser security system, movie cliché nº 334243
Game over
Loading/Saving interface

Windows 3.x version

Title screen
Start menu
Game start
Inventory - "A ring without a gem"
Action menu
Getting some headphones
First puzzle of the game is how to deal with this two gentlemen...