TimeShift Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Title screen
Main menu
Your new friend
Rebels don't seem to be in high spirits.
Follow your contact.
Random loading screen.
Guess they won't be coming from this side anymore.
Seems like a control room.
In order to pass these lasers you will have to manipulate time.
This far by train, the rest I'll take on foot.
When you can't open the door nicely, brute force works well.
They seem to be waiting for me.
Firefight with the enemy soldiers.

Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen
The title (intro)
The beta suit (intro)
Welcome to City 17...oh wrong game. Sorry!
Hi there. I'm your tour guide for today.
Some kind of teleporter I presume.
The control station explodes.
There's nothing more entertaining than breaking a few windows.
The depth of field effect looks amazing.
I don't think I can kill that one with my pistol.
That was a hit straight to the face.
The spider walker moves through the city.
An explosion blurs the screen.
A lightning illuminates the scene.
This one will hit the ground very soon.
Reloading after finishing off that guy on the bridge.
I'm badly hurt and can't see anything anymore.
The red lines indicate snipers in the area.
That's one big walker.
Some soldiers tortue civilians.
Time is on a hold while I tried to take his gun but failed.
Slow-mo rain
The resistance seems to like you.
This is what happens to those who oppose the government.
The loved-by-all sewers!!
In slow-mo enemies can take a whole magazine without hitting the ground
... and there is just a maximum number of bullets a body can take in one piece.
Yes, there is a bit of gore in this game.
"Depth of Field" effect, what you aim is what your eyes focus.
Hmmmm, a door that closes too fast: one of the "original" time puzzles of te game.
Squad work
The thing is getting hot.
Definitely not a friendly city
And if you liked the sewers you'll love the crates
Hey!, good work in Robocop
Part of the scenario is breakable, a little improvement over the average FPS
Unarmed soldiers are defenseless, unless they find another weapon
Stop time and jump over water, you'll feel like Gordon Freem... I mean, Jesus