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Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror

Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Timothy Leary introduces himself.
Title screen
Info about the game and a small menu.
Use a joystick? Here is how you will utilize it.
Select your difficulty level
What to do, mind tools or mind play?
I selected mind play. Now, what category do we play?
I selected computer games. Do computer software or computer stars?
Doing the software. I need to enter a computer program's name from the 80s.
Move the V left or tight to state how you think this word fits the subject.
Now we will do mind maps.
The first thought-plane you have created in bio-energy.
The bio-energy mind map.

Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror Screenshots

PC Booter version

Title 1
Title 2
Mind Path 1 of 7
Mind Path 2 of 7
Mind Path 3 of 7
Mind Path 4 of 7
Mind Path 5 of 7
Mind Path 6 of 7
Mind Path 7 of 7
Conclusion - Overview
Conclusion - Mind Map