Titan Attacks! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Title screen (2012 Steam version)
Titan attacks!
A bonus ship is about to get shot down.
Dropping a point multiplier bonus.
Shopping for shields.
The shop (2012 Steam version)
A crashing enemy ship. The alien is actually parachuting down.
Supergun in action.
My point multiplier is active.
Shooting down a bonus round saucer.
Bonus round outcome.
Things are getting a bit more hectic.
I've been hit!
A parachuter's last words as he's shot down.
These little guys fly down and hit you.
A bomb explodes on street level.
Lots of little ships.
The first mother-ship.
Mother-ship down.
The fight is taken to the moon.
Game over!
High score table.
Some tough opponents in one of the final Moon levels (2012 Steam version)